Rob Pyne: A Far Northern Life

1. Sugar Town Life

2. Life on Main Street 

3. Finding Employment and Love

4. Spinal Cord Injury

5. Princess Alexandra Hospital

6. Bentley Park

7. James Cook University

8.  Mount Sheridan

9. Cairns Regional Council

10. Queensland Politics

11. Corruption

12.  Bullying in Politics 

13. Childhood Abuse Survivors

14. Coal and Climate Change

15. North Stadbroke Island

16. Women’s Right to Choose

17. Stalker

18. Independent Politics

19. North Queensland State

20.  Rejected

21. Building Personal Resilience

Rob Pyne: A Far Northern Life

Wheelchair Access to Cities

As a person with a disability who has travelled widely, there is no greater frustration then when I find a lack of wheelchair access to cities I visit. For example, you can’t get from the airport to the train terminal or you find that there is no elevator from an overpass to street level.

This is not a detailed ‘access guide’ but more of a wheelchair access introduction to a few cities:


Rob Pyne: A Far Northern Life 

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Cairns Wheelchair Access for Disabled Travel

Cairns Wheelchair Access for Disabled Travel

Cairns Wheelchair Access is fairly good for the disabled tourist. It does not have the cobblestone and heritage buildings that are the hallmark of so many European destinations. as a result the vast majority of the built environment in this pacific rim city has been constructed over the last one hundred years.

Cairns is a tropical city. People who have disabilities that affect their capacity to control their temperature would be best advised not to visit during the November to March period. Rising temperatures during this period combined with increases due to climate change make it hard to leave an air conditioned hotel.

These links will help you in planning your trip to Cairns.


Book a flight on Jetradar

Find a Hotel

Cairns Bus Service

Cairns Taxis


Cairns Aquarium

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Cairns Esplanade

Cairns Regional Gallery

Cairns Regional Council’s Access for All Directory has a comprehensive list of Cairns wheelchair access to accommodation, services and facilities. They hope it will make planning your trip to our region less stressful and more enjoyable.

For more information on Cairns Wheelchair Access and to plan your holiday to Tropical North Queensland, visit the official tourism website for Cairns and Great Barrier Reef. You can email the Cairns

Cairns Wheelchair Access
Cairns Wheelchair Access

and Tropical North Visitor Information Centre at or telephone them on (07) 4051 3588.

There are a great range of restaurants, shopping and level walkways to explore. Tours to the Great Barrier Reef and islands also depart from Cairns.

Cairns is level but if you are using a wheelchair as your main mode of transport I would suggest trying to book accommodation no further than 3 blocks back from the Esplanade. This will mean you are within a comfortable walk/wheel to some of the local attractions.

Wheelchair Access to Cities

Rob Pyne: A Far Northern Life 

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Peace message spreads wings from Cairns to Hiroshima!

Messages of peace and 1000 origami paper cranes have taken flight from Cairns to Japan as part of an installation at the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima.

The paper cranes were folded by visitors to Cairns Regional Council’s War in Profile series of exhibitions and events held at Tanks Arts Centre in November last year.

Mayor Val Schier said more than 5000 visitors attended the workshops, exhibition and associated events as part of War in Profile.

 “War In Profile explored the experience of war and our search for peace, the focal point of the exhibition was the A-Bomb: Hiroshima – Nagasaki exhibition, which made its Australian debut at Tanks, in Cairns.” Cr Schier said.

“This event provided a thought-provoking exploration of the concepts of war and peace, which clearly moved many of the people who visited and participated in the public forum hosted at Tanks by George Negus.

“The making of the paper cranes was a symbolic gesture of goodwill and our wish for peace. It was lovely to see the people of Cairns participate in this and it is fitting that these cranes are now being offered at the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima.”

Director of the A-Bomb Experience Communication Division of the City of Hiroshima, Yoshifumi Ishida, thanked Cairns Regional Council and the people of the region for their support, in a letter of appreciation.

“The City of Hiroshima strives for a genuinely peaceful world without nuclear weapons. Of course, we are not able to achieve this goal on our own; we need everyone’s support … we are extremely grateful for the efforts of Cairns Regional Council and its citizens who folded the paper cranes,” wrote Mr Yoshifumi Ishida. 

“Each paper crane offered at the Children’s Peace Monument from Japan and abroad carries its folder’s dream, hope and prayer for peace. … Through the process, we believe that the wish will be etched in the hearts of many people and that the quest for a peaceful world free from nuclear weapons will spread far and wide throughout the globe.”

War in Profile was a part of the international Mayors for Peace initiative, which Cairns Regional Council joined in 2010. 



Some 3D Wall Artwork Promoting Cairns!

A unique artwork has travelled to the Gold Coast and back in a bid to lure local government’s top women to visit the Cairns region.

Cairns has been chosen to host the 2012 Australian Local Government Women’s Association (ALGWA) Queensland Branch Annual Conference, expected to attract in excess of 100 delegates.

The conference is estimated to bring around 400 bed nights to local accommodation houses and have a flow-on throughout the region.

“This is yet another major event that we have been able to attract to the Cairns region,” Mayor Val Schier said.

“The boost the region gets from these types of event flows through many industries and provides valuable, statewide exposure.”

CRC representatives took a little piece of home to the recent 2011 ALGWA conference on the Gold Coast, displaying 3D wall art aimed at enticing delegates to think about next year’s venue.

The artwork features our iconic lagoon setting in a surreal theme that allows viewers to put themselves in the scene

“It’s all part of attracting delegates to next year’s conference and tempting them to stay for a holiday while they are here.”

The 3D artwork was created by local business Zest Events and will be displayed during Carnival on Collins and at the Baby Welcoming Ceremony next month.


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