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1. Sugar Town Life in Edmonton

2. Life on Main Street Edmonton

3. Finding Employment and Love

4. Spinal Cord Injury

5. Princess Alexandra Hospital

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7. James Cook University and Student Politics

8.  Mount Sheridan

9. Cairns Regional Councillor

10. ALP Win but the Party is Over

11. Fighting Corruption

12.  Political Thugs and Bullies 

13. Survivors of Childhood Abuse

14. Big Coal Adani and CSG

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16. A Woman’s Right to Choose

17. Stalker in Parliament

18. Allies in Brisbane

19. A North Queensland State

20.  Rejection, Recovery and Vindication

Smart Home becoming a reality at Smarthome.com

Smart home website smarthome.com is really cool. I have been looking through it for hours checking out the smart things such as wireless controls, modern lighting surveillance devices and access features.

Access features are so great for people with disabilities. I would kill (well not really) for a few hundred $$$ to spend here!

Check them out at https://bit.ly/2OvouhX

smart home
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Rob Pyne: A Far Northern Life

Taxi Council warns disabled and aged passengers of budget fine print!

The Taxi Council of Queensland (TCQ) is concerned that changes to the Taxi Subsidy Scheme in yesterday’s state budget will disadvantage the most needy and vulnerable in the community.

From July 1 next year, a new annual limit of $400 per person will be placed on travel under the scheme, meaning higher users will have to pay more or forgo travel.

Chief Executive Officer of TCQ Benjamin Wash said the changes were made without industry consultation and may have a major impact on the lives of the aged and people with disabilities.

He explained that based on an average fare under the scheme, eligible users will be limited to less than one taxi trip per week.

“Many mobility impaired customers work in regular jobs and need travel up to twice per day. In addition elderly customers tend to travel twice per week – or 100 plus trips per year – simply for normal grocery shopping.

“Others travel more than twice per week for medical and other reasons.”

Mr Wash said the changes, which were “snuck into the budget” come only weeks after the Newman Government scrapped the proposed $6.50 wheelchair subsidy for the industry.

“The changes announced in the budget don’t make any sense. They affect the more vulnerable people in the community as well as taxi drivers, who are small business people, and they don’t save the Government much.”

“The Government has kept the same overall allocation to the scheme but reduced the ability of people to use it. It’s like saving money by stealth.”

Kind Regards,

Nia Cho
Communications Officer
Taxi Council Queensland
P 07 3847 3500
F 07 3394 4395

Mt Sheridan Plaza Opening: A long time coming – here at last!!!

Comments by Rob Pyne:

It has been great to watch the development of Mt Sheridan Plaza into what I believe will be not only a successful shopping centre but also a valuable community meeting place.

As part of the Shier council I had the opportunity to support the final Development Approval for the Plaza and, as a Councillor on the Manning Council, I look forward to attending the opening.

Some shoppiong centres look as if they have been ‘plunked’ into an existying commercial or residential area with little forethought. This is definitely not the case with Mt Sheridan Plaza.

Considerable planning has gone to deliver a facility that does not detract from the amenity of nearby residents. Planners have also considered at length the impact of traffic movements and pedestrian and cycle access to the Plaza and I am confident upon the opening everything will come together to create a great outcome for the owner, tenants and, of course, the customer!

K-Mart almost finished @ Mt Sheridan Plaza!


Great to see the new gardens and landscaping going in down at Mt Sheridan Plaza! I know people are looking forward to the K-Mart Opening in just a fortnight’s time!!!

Calling for Support for The Gordonvale Turf Club!

Cameron Riches has emailed us regarding sponsorship of the Gordonvale Turf Club

Cameron has done fantastic work with the club but is calling on the local business community to come on board and take out some attractive sponsorship opportunities.

This is great opportunity to support a local racing club that really plays a positive role in local community and social life and the economy. Local racing is a part or North Queensland culture and is important in maintaining our sense of identity, so please consider this offer.

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