LNP & Government vote down North QLD road funding bid

North Queenslanders could miss out on critical road funding because the LNP was too focused on playing politics in Parliament last week.

The LNP moved a motion that the Government adopt the LNP’s car registration policy. Crossbench MP Robbie Katter moved an amendment to the LNP’s motion, requesting that a greater portion from vehicle registration revenue be quarantined for North Queensland roads.

The motion specified that the funding be set aside for the Flinders Highway, Ray Jones Drive, Millaa Millaa to Malanda Road, and Almaden to Chillagoe Road. Knuth, Pyne, Gordon, Katter

“We weren’t interested in a policy war between the two major parties, we wanted to try and turn this into something meaningful for North Queensland,” Robbie said.

The LNP and government refused to support KAP, and voted the motion down. Crossbenchers Rob Pyne, Billy Gordon and Steve Dickson supported the motion.

“The important point for us is not so much the amount of funding there is but where that funding goes. There have been many years of government neglect where we are constantly trying to catch up. If there is going to be an increase in funds, it should come through to the north,” Robbie said.

Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth said road funding was critical in North Queensland. “Road funding in North Queensland can be a matter of life and death,” Shane said. “I’m very disappointed our motion wasn’t supported.”

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