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A Bolt from the Blue

Sometimes truth hits you in the face with one great almighty slap. During one sitting of the Queensland Parliament in 2015 an ALP Member was speaking about all that was bad in Queensland and admonishing the former LNP government over asset sales, neglect of public housing and the disadvantage of indigenous Queenslanders. I could not have agreed more with every word he said. However, in reply an LNP member responded by pointing out that the ALP was far more responsible for the state of affairs than the LNP, after all the Queensland ALP had been in power for 26 of the last 30 years! It hit me like a slap in the face. He was right. There was no better example than asset sales. Former ALP Governments had sold so many assets, everything from the State Government Insurance Office (SGIO), a string of ports (including the Cairns International Airport), QR Freight Assets to Forest Plantations. The ALP had already implemented many policies they criticised the LNP for advocating at the election.

Miller (betrayed by colleagues)

Clearly the major parties were just as bad as each other, not just in terms of policy but in terms of behaviour. I heard LNP representatives criticise female ALP members over their attire, ALP members also described LNP representatives in the most childish and insulting ways and a Premier in Palaszczuk who would deny even members of her own team when they needed support, from Billy Gordon through to her own Police Minister Joann Miller, who was forced to resign after she fell out with Paul Pisasale and certain elements in the Queensland Police Union.  She should have been backed, not sacked! Miller never received so much as a ‘how are you call’ from one of her Cabinet Colleagues. These people had no decency.

McLucas (knifed by southern hacks)

Around this time Cairns based Senator Jan McLucas was knifed by many of my colleagues (after decades of loyal service) and the only reason I was given was that more people lived on the Sunshine Coast, where her replacement would be based. How about that for a slap in the face for the Far North? Was the enough to cause me to resign from the ALP? No, but it was a start.

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