ARK is delegated proof of stake coin with an amazing vision and great potential.

ARK is one of the first blockchain projects to incorporate in the European Union. It has been envisioned as an ecosystem from its very beginning. The 26 founders, from over a dozen nationalities, believe in decentralized blockchain technology — working toward a global and inclusive community.

Bridging the various blockchain is an overarching project for ARK. This involves ‘smart bridging’ to bring together various types of cryptocurrencies. TARKhe end goal is an interconnected ecosystem, a web of blockchains. This is a bold vision to connect the blockchains of every single cryptocurrency in existence.

The ability to connect ‘every coin of every currency’ is a big big prospect, but the vision is a grand one which has strong support. The apps produced within any blockchain will have the potential to reach a greater audience.

It is very fast and in terms of scalability you simply cannot go past it. The blazing fast transaction time of ARK earns a very big tick from me. Faster than Ripple and others, ARK’s speed is a considerable advantage for ARK as well as users and consumers.

In terms of Governance, ARK again leads the way. ARK operates on forging that is facilitated by decentralise proof of stake system.

The team ARK have assembled is experienced and gies one great confidence. François-Xavier Thoorens, formerly of Lisk heads up this talented team.

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