Cairns under Rob

As Member for Cairns Rob fights hard for our city.  Wins for Cairns during 2015 – 2017 included:

Health Services

PET Scanner: $4.4 M to purchase and install a diagnostic PET Scanner for Far Northern cancer patients to detect cancer in its early stages and monitor treatment, so Cairns patients can receive treatment in Cairns.

Cardiac Heart Catheter Lab: The Cardiac Catheter Lab was increased from 2 days a week to 24/7 so heart attack suffers no longer needed to be flown to Townsville.

Community Care Unit: The Community Care Unit is a new residential facility in Manunda to assist people with their recovery from mental illness. The 20-bed Community care Unit (CCU) is the first of its kind in the Far North. The unit is for clients who are in recovery but require additional support and life skills to successfully transition to independent community living.

More Nurses for Cairns: Historic patient to nurse ratios were introduced to ensure improved staffing levels and 20 Navigator Nurse Positions were established at Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service to ensure better care.

Synapse Rehabilitation Centre: Construction of a rehabilitation facility for people in Cairns who sustain an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

Patient to Nurse: Supported legislation for nurse-to-patient ratios that was passed by Parliament.

Spinal Life Healthy Living Centre to be built in Cairns. The centre which will offer short-term accessible accommodation, specialist allied health services and training facilities will commence construction before Christmas 2017.


Cairns Special Education School: A base for our special education specialists and facilities for students with very high needs. Done in an inclusive education environment that fosters socialization and well-being and constructed on land in Woree to give people in Cairns access to specialised facilities for their children, as are provided in other cities.

Two new University Campuses in Cairns CBD: CQUniversity’s new campus opened in the Cairns CBD. The campus saw a $15 Million direct investment in Cairns and will generate $125 Million economic spin off by 2020.  JCU followed suit, opening a new campus in the CBD on Shields Street in 2017.

Trinity Bay SHS New Undercover Area: $5.2 Million to construct a new multipurpose hall that will include two basketball courts and a gym.

West Cairns State School New Buildings: $4.8 Million to construct additional classrooms.

Housing and Homelessness

Public Housing: A commitment to public or social housing is another promise kept to the people of Cairns. As member for Cairns I saw a number of public housing developments completed, including new modern unit complexes in Woree and Manunda. The total cost will be several million dollars and many families will be housed. A (1 x 4 bedroom) home and a duplex (2 x 2 bedroom) were also constructed in City View Crescent.

Tenants Advice Service Established: Cairns renters benefited from better access to tenancy advice and advocacy thanks to the new tenants advice service.

Mission Australia Transition Housing: A new 20-bed facility in Woree providing an in-between option for homeless people transitioning into the private sector.

Office of Public Guardian opened in Cairns. The Office of the Public Guardian is an independent statutory body that protects the rights and interests of vulnerable Queenslanders, including adults with impaired capacity to make their own decisions.

Crime and Justice

Child Abuse: Rob introduced Bill to protect children from sexual abuse from predators from church run institutions. He also worked with the LNP to facilitate the passing of a Bill that enabled survivors of sexual abuse to sue those institutions who allowed the abuse and attempted to cover it up.

No Body No Parole: Under this law murderers will now have to tell police the location of their victims if they want to be released on parole. The laws ensure closure for the families of victims by denying killers parole if they don’t identify the location of any remains.

Climate Policy

Renewable Energy: Rob supported a Government goal of achieving a 50% renewable energy target by 2030.

Adani Coal Mine: Rob opposed the Governments approval of the Adani coal mine as hypocritical and inconsistent with the Governments renewable energy goal.


Collins Avenue Bridge: Replacement of ageing structure, to improve flood mitigation of the waterway. The new bridge is a two-span concrete bridge capable of supporting the competing needs of a highly trafficked road and an important pedestrian/cyclist route. It also meets the needs of the heavy transport industry, whilst reducing obstructions within the Saltwater Creek system, resulting in environmental improvements and gains in flood management.

Tinagra Street Boat Ramp: Cairns residents benefited from the upgrade of the Tinagra Street Boat Ramp to provide safe access for local boaties to enjoy the recreational boating opportunities of Trinity Inlet and surrounding areas.

Mann Street Cycleway: Construction of a new cycleway along Mann Street in Westcourt and Minnie Street in Parramatta Park to provide a safer, appealing and more convenient cycling route. 

New Level Crossing Boom Gates: The installation of boom gates for the QR crossing on Kate Street will save lives.

Sport and Recreation

AFL Cape York House saw an upgraded oval and improved facilities in Cairns. The club received government funding for a new undercover court and ancillary facilities, including two change rooms, gymnasium and canteen.

North Cairns AFL: $2M to improve facilities at the home of the North Cairns Tigers.

Cairns NetballThe new facility includes 16 new hard surface netball courts with lighting, a new clubhouse and car parking with lighting. The new clubhouse consists of office, meeting, kiosk, function rooms and change rooms.

Football: New lighting for Endeavor Park and funding for Edge Hill Tigers to improve facilities.


Trinity Inlet: Established net-free fishing zones for Trinity Inlet for the environment and recreational fishers.

Great Barrier Reef:

  • Increased funding of $100M over five years for initiatives to protect the Great Barrier Reef
  • Appointed for the first time a designated Minister for the Great Barrier Reef
  • Established targets to protect the Great Barrier Reef through reducing nitrogen run-off by up to 80% and total suspended sediment run-off by up to 50% in key catchments
  • Established an Office of the Great Barrier Reef responsible for overseeing implementation of the Government’s reef management strategies.

Adani Coal Mine: Rob opposed the Governments approval of the Adani coal mine as a massive contribute to Climate Change which is the greatest threat to the survival of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Rob Pyne is Putting Cairns First!
Rob Pyne is Putting Cairns First!

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