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The best advice I can give is “Open a Wallet Now!”

You can expect debate on the sustainability of the massive increases in the value of Bitcoin to continue. Clearly the growth in cryptocurrencies more broadly is something that is sustainable and will continue well into the future.

My strong advice to everyone who has not yet done so is OPEN AN ONLINE WALLET NOW! It will cost you nothing (other than time) and give you an understanding of how this central aspect of our new economy operates.

Some good cryptocurrency wallets you can look at are:




Once you find your feet, start investing with small amounts while you learn the ropes.

Follow the news and listen to credible commentators to inform your own decisions about what and when to buy. You can follow my facebook page at

While the risk is overstated, online wallets have been hacked, so you should spread you investment over two or three wallets. When you have built up some real capital online, you can back up your cryptocurrency and store it completely offline,  which is 100 per cent safe (just don’t lose your hard drive or thumb drive).

I hope you take my advice, open a wallet and start making money. I would love to see our city and country ahead of the curve on this, as early adopters of the wealth generating technology of the future.