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Rob Pyne


Rob Pyne here, I grew up in Edmonton and wrote “A Far Northern Life.” and “Wheelchair Access Cities”

Rob Pyne’s Bio:

Rob Pyne has published ‘Rob Pyne: A Far Northern Life’ ( and his website that promotes wheelchair access travel information for people with a disability, ‘Wheelchair Access Cities’ ( Rob Pyne was born in Gordonvale and raised in Edmonton and today still lives in South Cairns. Rob worked in various jobs, until breaking his neck in a diving accident in 1991, becoming a quadriplegic. He had lengthy care and rehabilitation in Princess Alexander Hospital, marrying his fiancé Jenny Brelsford while still in hospital The pair returned to South Cairns where they subsequently lived in the suburbs of Bentley Park and Mount Sheridan. Rob decided to study to assist him to re-enter the workforce. He then completed a BA in History and Politics at James Cook University (JCU) and a Law Degree at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Rob Pyne worked at James Cook University (JCU) from 2000 – 2007, resigning to campaign full-time for Council. Rob Pyne was elected to Cairns Regional Council in 2008 as Councillor for Division 3 and Re-Elected to this position in 2012. He then entered Queensland politics. At the 2015 state election he was elected to represent the electorate of Cairns in the State Parliament, where he served one term. A proud Far North Queensland patriot, Rob believed the major political parties have neglected North Queensland. In 2019 he published his autobiography ‘Rob Pyne: A Far Northern Life’ and established the website ‘Wheelchair Access Cities’ ( Rob remains happily married to Jenny and has one child Kate. Rob’s academic achievements and success in being elected to Council and Parliament have all been ‘firsts’ for a person with quadriplegia. In this respect he has broken down many barriers for people with a disability. Name: Rob Pyne Location: Cairns Occupation: Writer Education: JCU and QUT Country: Australia

Rob Pyne’s Experience:

  • Member of Parliament at Queensland Parliament

    Member for Cairns in Queensland Parliament

  • Councillor at Cairns Regional Council

    In March 2008 I was elected as a Councilor on Cairns Regional Council. I was re-elected in 2012.

  • Regional Disability Liaison Officer at James Cook University

    Assisting in the transition of people with a disability to study at TAFE and JCU.

  • Conveyancing & Deceased Estates at Public Trustee of Queensland

    Mainly the above para-legal duties (as well as trusts and will making).

Rob Pyne’s Education:

  • Queensland University of Technology

    Bachelor of Laws
  • Queensland University of Technology

    Bachelor of Laws
  • James Cook University

    Concentration: History and Politics
  • James Cook University

    Concentration: History and Politics

Rob Pyne’s Interests & Activities:

Rob was born in Gordonvale, grew up in Edmonton and served on Cairns Council and In Queensland Parliament … Loves Cairns!

Rob Pyne: A Far Northern Life

1. Sugar Town Life

2. Life on Main Street 

3. Public Trustee, Protest and Jenny

4. Spinal Cord Injury

5. Princess Alexandra Hospital

6. Bentley Park

7. James Cook University

8.  Mount Sheridan

9. Cairns Regional Council

10. Queensland Politics

11. Corruption

12.  Bullying in Politics 

13. Childhood Abuse Survivors

14. Coal and Climate Change

15. North Stradbroke Island

16. Women’s Right to Choose

17. Stalker

18. North Queensland State

19. Independent Politics

20.  Rejection

21. Purgatory

Rob Pyne: A Far Northern Life

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