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Low Income People are NOT excluded from investing in Cryptocurrency

Low Income People are NOT excluded from investing in Cryptocurrency (lucky for me). My most frequent purchases are around $9.00 of ethereum or $12.00 of bitcoin. At least it puts you ‘in the frame’ now, before it is too late. I want Cairns at the vanguard of this! The block chain will dominate ‘old currency’ within years, so join the digital financial revolution now!

Queensland must have Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)

Member for Cairns Rob Pyne’s call for an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to be established in Qld has gathered momentum following a Queensland Mayor being arrested and charged with offences including extortion.

Pyne condemned the Palaszczuk Government for a failure to listen to concerns he raised in Parliament over many sittings, which most recently resulted in him being referred to as a ‘coward’. He said, “The CCC has a large archive of complaints that need to be reviewed. Whistleblowers and complainants from the past need to be interviewed and given an opportunity for a proper hearing”

Pyne said, “The current process is inadequate. Just getting the CCC to investigate is a massive obstacle. The percentage of complaints investigated is LESS than 2%. The remaining 98% are referred back to the organisation being complained about.”

Professor Prenzler said of the CCC “Over three decades the Commission had failed in its task of independently investigating allegations and preventing misconduct by sending complaints back to the agency concerned where they usually vanished, leaving complainants disillusioned, angry and vulnerable.”

“These are not victimless crimes, people have suffered, lives have been lost. This is not about me, this is about our state and stamping out crime and corruption in the public sector.

“I continue to call for the Palaszczuk Government to support an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) for the Sunshine State. Today I have written to The Premier requesting:

  • Establishment of an ICAC in Qld.
  • A ban on property developer donations to Mayors and Councillors.


This matter is now so serious and urgent that should the Palaszczuk Government fail to act they will be increasingly infected by the stench of existing and emerging corruption.”

Queensland Must Establish ICAC now to punish Corrupt!

Member for Cairns Rob Pyne has condemned the Palaszczuk Government for a failure to listen to concerns regarding local government, in light of recent events and explosive documents he will table today in the Queensland Parliament. This follows Mr. Pyne’s well documented public feud with Deputy Premier Jackie Trad on this issue. Pyne claimed corruption would remain widespread in Queensland until the Sunshine State had its own Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Mr. Pyne who had previously tabled documents alleging ‘wrong doings’ in relation to Ipswich and other Councils was rebuked by Deputy Premier and then Local Government Minister Jackie Trad. Trad repeatedly told Mr Pyne, that the current complaints process – to first complain to the council itself and then the Crime and Corruption Commission – was adequate. Pyne rejected this, saying “Complaining directly to councils on some circumstances has seen some residents threatened with legal action, businesses locked out of council contracts and employees threatened to lose their employment.”

Pyne added, “because of this and for a number of reasons, the CCC has consistently failed to identify and punish wrongdoers and a judicial inquiry should be established, with all the required powers. Transparency and accountability must be a cornerstone of our governance process.

Mr Pyne’s concerns were further validated recently with the Operation Belcarra investigation into the conduct of candidates involved in the 2016 local government elections, Paul Pisasale recent resignation and follows last night’s screening of Four Corners, outlining the human toll of The Joke in pre-Fitzgerald Queensland.

Mr. Pyne said, documents he tabled in Parliament make sensational allegations regarding Ipswich Council and he hopes the cumulative pressure will convince the Queensland Government to establish an ICAC. Pyne concluded, “I remain committed to getting our state to a gold standard. That means an Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) here in Queensland. His view is shared by 80 per cent of the population and we deserve an ICAC now.


The Riding High Podcast drops in for a chat.

I was interviewed by Tynan Narywonczyk for the Riding High Podcast. asked a number of questions around my influences growing up, how I managed to move forwards after the serendipitous events that resulted in me going back to UNI and becoming motivated in supporting the community I grew up and care deeply about. We chat about my views on the Cairns environment and the legacy I want to leave behind. To listen click the links below. The interview starts at the 15minute point.

Laws introduced in Queensland Parliament to abolish ‘gay panic’ defence.

The Queensland Parliament has opportunity to address a serious injustice, and provide greater equity, fairness and safety for a significant section of our community, our LGBTIQ Community

I am a proud Queenslander; and a fifth generation far north Queensland local. Despite what some like federal member for Kennedy Bob Katter may say, our region is diverse, multicultural and has a strong and proud lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population of extraordinary people who are living their lives just like any other – with respect and dignity.

I am a Christian and a humanist with a strong commitment to abolishing all forms of discrimination. It is most concerning to me that there exists a common law precedence, giving people committing violence against LGBTGIQ people an opportunity of avoiding full responsibility for their actions by pleading they had panicked.

In current law, disgracefully, this extends to sentencing surrounding the assault of a gay person – namely the defence is called ‘gay panic’. This also applies to cases of Grievous Bodily Harm, Manslaughter and Murder surrounding a person killing or assaulting a gay individual who has made sexual advances towards the defendant. rainbow_flag_breeze

This means currently, if someone is in a nightclub and approached by a gay person and they react with unreasonable force – such as a punch as opposed to laying charges with the police for sexual harassment if deemed so offensive and with the nature of physical assault – this person who carries out undue force against the gay individual (whether having simply spoken kind words of interests or expressed themselves in a physical manner) is entitled to the Queensland law of defence – as it currently stands – of ‘gay panic.’

Any violence can have grave consequences including death, grievous bodily harm. The notion of having acted in a ‘gay panic’ is a draconian, barbaric concept, which sees us walk backwards as the rest of the world steps forwards in pushing for equality. It should NOT be exculpatory – allowing for a defence of diminished responsibility. This is an abhorrent discrimination of human rights. This provision should be quashed. It is an outrage in this day and age we have left this legislation untouched – despite empty promises from the Queensland government to advance amendments to the legislation and thus remove ‘gay panic’ from our legal cohort of inequality and accomplice to violent offenders being sentenced to a lesser charge because the victim is gay.

How can we possibly give murderers a lesser sentence than another murder because their victim was gay? These are hate crimes. It is unacceptable in this day and age that we tolerate this injustice. Everyone is born free and equal. Having offered to prepare a Bill to abolish this unjust ‘gay panic’ doctrine, I am pleased to see the Government is finally moving their own legislation. This is a matter of urgency. Let’s hope when it is time to vote, all members of Queensland Parliament step out of the past and into a non-prejudicial state of fairness regarding our legal system which prides itself on justice for all as opposed to bias and discrimination regarding ‘gay panic’ laws.’


Palaszczuk Government to end “gay panic” defence

The Palaszczuk Government has introduced legislation into the Queensland Parliament to exclude an unwanted sexual advance from the partial defence of provocation.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath today introduced the Criminal Law Amendment Bill, which will amend section 304 of the Criminal Code.

That section allows a defendant to use an unwanted sexual advance as a defence for murder.

“This legislation honours an election commitment to address this unacceptable inequity,” Mrs D’Ath said.

“Our laws should never be seen to condone violence against anyone.

“Making these changes follows a recommendation from an Expert Committee tasked with reviewing the issue by the previous Bligh Labor Government.

“The LNP turned its back and failed to act on these recommendations while they were in power.”

Under Section 304 of the Criminal Code, the legislation will be amended to ensure that a person who commits murder cannot, unless in the circumstances of exceptional character, rely on unwanted sexual advance as a defence of provocation.

If the existing defence is successfully raised, it can cause a murder charge to be reduced to manslaughter.

The Bill also increases the maximum penalty from two to five years for interfering with a corpse, and ensures that the sentence for that offence

Name: Rob Pyne
Location: Cairns
Education: JCU and QUT
Employment: Member for Cairns
Website: Date of Birth: 23 April 1967
Education: BA (JCU)., LLB (QUT).
State: Queensland
Country: Australia
Interests: Folk music, social justice and good government
Wins for Cairns:
Wins for Queensland:

Rob Pyne trumpets A Record of Achieving for Cairns

Just some highlights of my less than two years in office.




Name: Rob Pyne
Location: Cairns
Education: JCU and QUT
Employment: Member for Cairns
Website: Date of Birth: 23 April 1967
Education: BA (JCU)., LLB (QUT).
State: Queensland
Country: Australia
Interests: Folk music, social justice and good government
Wins for Cairns:
Wins for Queensland:

Skilling Queenslanders for Work supporting Cairns jobseekers

Communities in Cairns will have access to training opportunities that boost their job prospects thanks to the second round of funding from the Palaszczuk Government’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work program.

Cairns MP Rob Pyne said 234 people from the local area will be supported into training pathways through a total of $689,500 granted to seven community-based not-for-profit organisations in round two of the scheme.

Mr Pyne said the funding windfall will support job seekers to boost their skill set with quality training opportunities and improve their employment prospects.

“I am delighted to announce this funding on behalf of local groups and job seekers who live in Cairns,” Mr Pyne said.

“The Palaszczuk Government reinstated this vital initiative last year after it was axed by the former LNP government.

“I am pleased that the people of Cairns will share in this vital funding windfall to support disadvantaged job seekers to improve their skills and find pathways to full-time work.Rob Pyne 255 150712 copy
“This fantastic scheme puts communities in partnership with government to grow local employment opportunities, encourage greater social inclusion and assist people who need extra support to enter the workforce.

“This is all about giving people the right skills and getting them into jobs”.

Recipients of funding in the Cairns electorate in round two of Skilling Queenslanders for Work are:

• Cairns Regional Council will assist 12 people to deliver Cairns Regional Council Employment Pathways Program (Cert I in Conservation and Land Management, Cert I in Construction) $279,000
• Community Enterprises Australia Limited will assist 60 people to deliver ‘Get ready’, ‘Get set’, ‘Go’ a Work Read Assistance Program $42,000
• National Retail Association Limited at Cairns will assist 30 people to deliver the Read for Retail project (Cert II in Retail Services) $58,500
• Northern Pride Rugby League Inc will assist 40 people to deliver Cairns Civil and Business Futures (Cert III in Surface Extraction Operations, Cert III in Business Administration) $138,000
• Skill 360 Australia Ltd will assist 60 people to deliver Enriching Your Future ($31,000)
• Skill 360 Australia Ltd will assist 10 people to deliver Creating Better Futures (Cert III in Retail Operations, Cert II in Retail Services, Cert II in Business) $26,000
• The Royal Catholic Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Cairns will assist 22 people to deliver the Biz Savvy program (Cert II in Business) $115,000

Mr Pyne said more than 5900 people across Queensland would be supported by more than $30 million injected into community groups in round two to fund skill development, training and job opportunities for unemployed, disengaged or disadvantaged people.

He said Work Start incentives offer a one-off financial incentive of $2000 to private sector employers if they employ a Queenslander who has participated in a SQW project in a traineeship or apprenticeship.

Mr Pyne said the next SQW funding round is open for applications. Interested organisations are encouraged to visit for further information or contact their local DET regional office. Applications will close on 7 April 2016

Grants open for 2016 Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month activities

Community organisations in Cairns are being urged to apply for a bumper round of grants to run activities and events during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May next year.

Rob Pyne MP, Member for Cairns said applications for the grants were open until 12.00pm on Friday 13th November.

“The total pool for grants has been boosted this year from $110,000 to $150,000. I urge as many organisations as possible to apply so they can get on board and host an activity,” he said.

“This is about our community coming together to challenge inappropriate behaviour and promote a culture of non-violence. Organisations can form partnerships with local community leaders, organisations or businesses to host an event.

“Grants of up to $3,000 are on offer for community activities that will raise awareness and help prevent domestic and family violence.

“Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month is an important annual event in Queensland and raises awareness, while challenging attitudes that underpin violence.” domestic_violence2

Activities held during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month this year included community fun days, awareness raising sporting events, training to promote community and workplace action on domestic and family violence, and an art exhibition to promote respectful and healthy relationships in primary schools.

Mr Pyne said domestic and family violence was tearing apart families across Queensland.

“The Queensland Government is determined to tackle this problem and do all we can to stop this violence,” he said.

“This includes increasing penalties for offenders, two new crisis shelters, the new Domestic Violence Court at Southport and extra services and support for victims.”

“But Government can’t do it alone and we need the whole community to stand up and say ‘enough is enough’ to domestic and family violence. Community activities during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month are an important part of this.”

To apply for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month 2016 grants, visit

For help in dealing with domestic and family violence, call the state-wide DVConnect Womensline on 1800 811 811 or DVConnect Mensline on 1800 600 636.