Decred a Cryptocurency worth buying

What is Decred?

Decred a Cryptocurency worth buying in 2018. Transactions on the Decred network are lightning fast, cheap and secure. You can pay with Decred coins (DCR) all over the internet.

Decred is designed to be completely autonomous, open source, and driven by the community. No central banks needed. As is the case with Bitcoin, there will only be 21M coins created, ever. The big difference is that Decred uses advanced and innovative technology that solves blockchain governance. No hard forks needed.
An autonomous, evolving digital currency. Free from third party influence

The Decred project was created in the spirit of open participation. Everyone can join and contribute. All stakeholders of Decred can decide to take part in the decision-making process. The project is constantly evolving, so you can expect more innovations in the future.

Decred welcomes yuu to join the community and co-create the future of finance. Check out their website at



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This is my opinion based on my research. I am not a financial adviser and always encourage people to do their own independent research before investing.

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