CH 7

Our new home in Kewarra Beach was much more suited to the needs of a wheelchair user. Located in a flat sub-division off Poolwood Close, it allowed me to get out and push down nearby streets, even with just 50 per-cent arm function. I enjoyed my daily outings with Tia as we investigated our new surroundings. At first, I could barely get 50 metres before my arms would wear out. After not too long I could make it to the end of Koonya Close and was looking for newer streets to challenge. I really valued my daily outings and they became a regular part of my life, as I enjoyed getting out of the office and down the street at least once every day.

University was more stimulating too, for the first time James Cook University in Cairns had its own Campus. There was a new atmosphere, and for the first time a real academic environment existed. I was studying history and industrial relations, I found both subjects fulfilling enough to engage in wide reading and study. Dr. Dawn May and Dr. Doug Hunt were wonderful lecturers and always had their door open to students.

Other Reference Material and Pictures

Rob Pyne: A Far Northern Life

A Far Northern Life