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Beenest ICO The future of home sharing on the Blockchain

Beenest ICO The future of home sharing on the blockchain

Beenest is a home sharing platform for hosts to list their homes and for guests to find accommodation. The platform rewards users with network incentives, commission-free transactions, and security unrivaled in the home sharing industry.

While Beenest may not be a threat to Air B & B at the moment, one does not need a crystal ball to see the future of home sharing is on Beenest ICO The future of home sharing on the Blockchainthe Blockchain. The fact nobody is better placed to grab this market than Beenest, tells you most of what you need to know to get behind the ICO coming up on January 31.

The first ​decentralized ​home-sharing ​network, Beenest is ​built ​on ​top ​of ​a ​set ​of ​Bee ​Protocols that ​connects ​hosts ​with ​guests ​without ​taking ​any ​commissions. ​The ​Beenest ​dApp ​and ​the Bee ​Protocols ​are ​powered ​by ​the ​ERC-20 ​utility ​token ​called ​the ​BEE ​token. ​

Details at a Glance
Bee Protocols are a set of Ethereum smart contracts providing developers the tools to rapidly launch new decentralized applications. By utilizing industry proven Bee Protocols, developers can expect faster development cycles, reduced integration costs, and an existing user base.

The Bee Token is the cryptocurrency that fuels the Beenest platform and the Bee Protocols.

  • 0% Commissions
    Decentralized platform eliminates the middleman
  • Aligned Incentives
    Tokens distributed through presale and ICO
  • Security
    Bank-level security through Blockchain technology
  • Trust
    Transparent practices with immutable feedback

The White Paper

The White Paper tells us “The ​Bee ​Protocols are ​open ​Ethereum ​protocols ​that ​can ​power ​other ​future ​sharing ​economy ​dApps. ​These protocols ​provide ​the ​Beenest ​network ​with ​three ​essential ​systems:
1. A ​secure ​payment ​system ​that ​allows ​two ​authenticated ​P2P ​entities ​to ​send ​and receive ​money ​that ​gets ​held ​in ​Bee ​Tokens ​until ​after ​a ​successful ​exchange ​of ​services between ​the ​two ​entities.
2. A ​decentralized ​arbitration ​system ​that ​resolves ​user ​disputes ​, ​providing ​positive incentives ​to ​grow ​a ​network ​of ​genuine ​arbiters ​and ​negative ​incentives ​to ​deter scammers.
3. A ​reputation ​system ​that ​couples ​a ​valid ​identity, ​which ​is ​obtained ​by ​a ​trusted ​digital fingerprint ​protocol ​on ​the ​Ethereum ​blockchain, ​with ​a ​rating ​determined ​by transparent, ​immutable ​review ​and ​scoring ​interchange ​between ​P2P ​entities ​(such ​as guests ​and ​hosts).”

The ​aim ​of bee Token to ​offer transparency ​into ​token ​metrics ​and the ​decentralized ​model offers ​distinct ​advantages ​over ​the ​​centralized ​home ​sharing.

The Team

This is the most solid ICO I have seen for some time and this is backed up by the quality of their team. Bee has a seasoned team of former employees from Google, Facebook, Uber, and Civic reimagining the sharing economy. Together, they are building Beenest and the Bee Protocols on the Ethereum blockchain and they look like a winner.

This is my opinion based on my research. I am not a financial adviser and always encourage people to do their own independent research before investing.