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Some 3D Wall Artwork Promoting Cairns!

A unique artwork has travelled to the Gold Coast and back in a bid to lure local government’s top women to visit the Cairns region.

Cairns has been chosen to host the 2012 Australian Local Government Women’s Association (ALGWA) Queensland Branch Annual Conference, expected to attract in excess of 100 delegates.

The conference is estimated to bring around 400 bed nights to local accommodation houses and have a flow-on throughout the region.

“This is yet another major event that we have been able to attract to the Cairns region,” Mayor Val Schier said.

“The boost the region gets from these types of event flows through many industries and provides valuable, statewide exposure.”

CRC representatives took a little piece of home to the recent 2011 ALGWA conference on the Gold Coast, displaying 3D wall art aimed at enticing delegates to think about next year’s venue.

The artwork features our iconic lagoon setting in a surreal theme that allows viewers to put themselves in the scene

“It’s all part of attracting delegates to next year’s conference and tempting them to stay for a holiday while they are here.”

The 3D artwork was created by local business Zest Events and will be displayed during Carnival on Collins and at the Baby Welcoming Ceremony next month.