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Peace message spreads wings from Cairns to Hiroshima!

Messages of peace and 1000 origami paper cranes have taken flight from Cairns to Japan as part of an installation at the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima.

The paper cranes were folded by visitors to Cairns Regional Council’s War in Profile series of exhibitions and events held at Tanks Arts Centre in November last year.

Mayor Val Schier said more than 5000 visitors attended the workshops, exhibition and associated events as part of War in Profile.

 “War In Profile explored the experience of war and our search for peace, the focal point of the exhibition was the A-Bomb: Hiroshima – Nagasaki exhibition, which made its Australian debut at Tanks, in Cairns.” Cr Schier said.

“This event provided a thought-provoking exploration of the concepts of war and peace, which clearly moved many of the people who visited and participated in the public forum hosted at Tanks by George Negus.

“The making of the paper cranes was a symbolic gesture of goodwill and our wish for peace. It was lovely to see the people of Cairns participate in this and it is fitting that these cranes are now being offered at the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima.”

Director of the A-Bomb Experience Communication Division of the City of Hiroshima, Yoshifumi Ishida, thanked Cairns Regional Council and the people of the region for their support, in a letter of appreciation.

“The City of Hiroshima strives for a genuinely peaceful world without nuclear weapons. Of course, we are not able to achieve this goal on our own; we need everyone’s support … we are extremely grateful for the efforts of Cairns Regional Council and its citizens who folded the paper cranes,” wrote Mr Yoshifumi Ishida. 

“Each paper crane offered at the Children’s Peace Monument from Japan and abroad carries its folder’s dream, hope and prayer for peace. … Through the process, we believe that the wish will be etched in the hearts of many people and that the quest for a peaceful world free from nuclear weapons will spread far and wide throughout the globe.”

War in Profile was a part of the international Mayors for Peace initiative, which Cairns Regional Council joined in 2010.