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Fight for what is right, and don’t let the bastards get you down in 2018!

Thank you again to all the Cairns people who supported me during 2017. Losing my job and more importantly, losing the seat of Cairns on the important issues we worked so hard for was a real blow. History is proving us correct,  with Government already coming up with changes I had previously moved to protect children from institutional abuse. The truth remains the truth and we will (unfortunately) also be proved correct on Cairns vulnerability to Climate Change.

Fighting corruption in government was also the right thing to do and I hope someone continues to expose it. Sunshine is the best antiseptic.

I don’t regret supporting ‘a woman’s right to choose’ despite the electoral cost. While on the rights of women, the ridiculous stalking charge on the Rockhampton man who visited me in Parliament was rightly thrown out. Again the damage had been done in the form of a false and defamatory flyer put out by the ALP.

Grubby tactic work unfortunately, though Sam Marino managed to outpoll me without getting in the gutter. Interestingly, Marino was ahead after Green and One Nation preferences Healy only snatching victory at the last minute, when my preferences were counted.

Hopefully people will realise the opportunities Cairns has in education, health, entertainment, communications, emerging technologies and tropical research. That is where our focus should be, but I have no faith in our economic leadership bodies or Council.

The haters will continue to troll me online, but when they do, remind them I put the people before the party, being fully aware of the political price that went with that. Oh, and ask them the last time an Independent in Cairns received more than 26.60 per cent of the three party preferred vote. I would really like to know the answer.

ALL THE BEST with whatever you do in 2018. Go well and may your God go with you!