Champion of the Underdog - Never Give Up!
Champion of the Underdog - Never Give Up!
Champion of the Underdog

Champion of the Underdog shares ways to survive capitalism and fight back!

At Champion of the Underdog we focus on our five passions:

Champion of the Underdog

Rob Pyne

Champion of the Underdog Rob Pyne

Rob Pyne of Cairns is a former MP and Councillor and author of Struggle and Resistance in the Far North. A quadriplegic since December 1991, Rob is founder of Champion of the Underdog and seeks to inspire others to join the struggle, learn and grow!


Socialism has been described as “the understanding that all of our people live in security and dignity” and “a government and an economy and a society which works for all.” Consequently, our content on this website is driven by supporting policies, campaigns or information that helps to ensure people’s outcomes are not determined by their postcodes. Indeed, our focus is based on the principle that people have rights to health care, education and housing.

We look at socialism from the past, the present and discuss growing our movement into the future. Increasingly the ecological crisis and devastation from climate change is leading to an eco-socialist response. However, this is something we embrace and proudly proclaim our support for Socialist Alliance and The Green Left.

Champion of the Underdog Savings Tips

Champion of the Underdog

The ruling class has little understanding of how hard it can be for members of the proletariat to survive. We have lived that struggle. So much of the information on this site includes advice and information to help people survive on a very limited budget. However, we are also committed to increasing that small budget, by fighting to increase welfare payments and the minimum wage.

Many of our best savings tips also have environmental benefits, such as reducing your carbon footprint and reducing use of plastics (which seem to always end up in our oceans).

Our content unapologetically looks at ways the individual can reduce their ecological impact. However, we focus on how you can work politically against further climate change. In addition we have tips on how to survive climate change.

Climate Change

Champion of the Underdog has focussed on climate change from as early as the 1990’s. Consequently, as eco-socialists our perspective is always based on science, with a view to the impacts of climate change on ordinary people and the most disadvantaged members of the world community.

Global warming is directly resulting in rising sea-levels. This is due to a increasing meltwater from glaciers and ice sheets and thermal expansion of seawater as it warms. Around 40 percent of the population lives in densely inhabited coastal zones. In such areas, sea level is playing an increasing role in flooding, shoreline erosion, and hazards from storms. These problems are exacerbated during king tides and storm surge.

Feeling The Heat

We maintain an international socialist worldview. However, our tropical location is reflected in much of our content. It influences the food we grow and how we struggle to survive in a time of climate change.

However, many or the answers are universal, such as using government for good. This includes embracing socialism to reduce inequality and reducing carbon emissions to combat climate change.

Tropical Gardening

Our passion for urban food growing is reflected in our many and varied posts about growing tropical fruit, vegetables and herbs. Likewise, from our base in Far North Queensland we produce material about our region that we hope will be of interest both here and abroad.


Maintaining a worldview is important to us. However, Cairns is such an interesting place and a wonderful base for our operations. Many of our articles relate to the city known by the traditional owners as Gimuy.

On this website you will find old pictures of Cairns and interesting articles in the city’s past and present. However, these are all provided from the perspective of the underdog who struggles against authority on behalf of the disadvantaged.

Champion of the Disabled Underdog!

When it comes to being an underdog, there is nothing that comes close to being a person with a disability. Some information on our website is about providing disability tips for those who need them, but we make make no apology for that. Indeed, anything we can do to help those who confront the many obstacles our society puts in the way of people with a disability is time well spent.


Champion of the Underdog.

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