Alan MacSporran Must Survive

Alan MacSporran
Alan MacSporran
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Alan MacSporran Undermined

Queensland Mayors Collude

Former MP and serving Councillor Rob Pyne has slammed attempts by Queensland mayors and sections of the media to remove Chair of the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC), Alan MacSporran. These attempts to remove MacSporran are yet more proof of Council Mayors LGAQ Influence to undermine our corruption safeguards. 

Cr. Pyne said, “Because high profile mayors and CEO’s have been charged and convicted, the Mayors Association, the LGAQ are determined to get rid of Alan MacSporran”.

Cr. Pyne should know. The Local Government Association of Qld (LGAQ) have been attempting to have him removed as a Councillor, since his election in 2020.

Pyne is subject to defamation litigation in an attempt to send him bankrupt so he has to resign as a local government councillor.

LGAQ Influence ‘Undemocratic’

The LGAQ is using the legal system to undermine democracy by having Pyne, a democratically elected Councillor, removed. However, removal of the Chair of the CCC would have monumental consequences.

After all, Pyne concluded, “The removal of MacSporran will take Queensland back to pre-Fitzgerald times. Indeed, the threats to MacSporran are reminiscent of Bjelke-Petersen’s Queensland.”

Queensland Back-The-Front

The whole discussion around MacSporran shows how back-the-front things are in Queensland. In New South Wales, politicians, mayors and the police don’t pose a threat to ICAC. It is ICAC that keeps them in line!

However, here in Queensland, the 3 groups most likely to be under investigation (local councils, police and state politicians) have Mr. MacSporran under threat. As a result, in terms of the power of corruption and integrity bodies, Queensland remains a poor cousin of New South Wales.

Champion of the Underdog

By Rob Pyne

Quadriplegic, Former MP, Councillor & Political Campaigner: Rob is an Eco Socialist who shares ways to survive & fight capitalism. #socialism #championoftheunderdog Occupation: Online Editor Employer: Champion of the Underdog! Book: Struggle and Resistance in the Far North

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