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Australian Finger Lime Tree

Discover the Australian finger lime! This unique citrus fruit offers an exotic flavour unlike anything else found in indigenous foods.

Have you ever heard of the Australian finger lime? This native Australian citrus fruit is quickly gaining popularity amongst chefs and foodies alike thanks to its unique tart-sweet flavour and crunchy texture. Learn all about finger limes here and explore the endless possibilities this delectable treat offers.

Also known as Citrus australasica, the fruit of this tree is in demand by top restaurants around the world.

Australian Finger Lime Varieties

Plant breeders have used non-GM methods to produce new varieties. These novel fruit types produce a fruit that is a good size, with consistent yields to help grow the native food industry, and offer consumers with an exclusive food experience.

  • chartreuse
  • collette
  • crimson tide
  • crystal
  • new yellow
  • pink ice
  • red champagne
  • red ruby

Australian finger lime size

How large does the Australian finger lime tree grow?

This Australian native is a big tree. It can grow up to 6m in height.

Growing Finger Limes in Pots

You can grow your finger lime in a pot. Make sure you select a pot at least 500mm (20in) wide. Position the pot in full sun and do not forget to water it. In the dry season you may need to water your tree deeply 2 or 3 times a week.

Australian Finger Lime Care

This grafted tree prefers a free-draining soil or suitable potting mix. Plant in full sun or part shade. When planting, ensure that the bud union is at least 10cm (4in) above the soil level. Water immediately, then the next day, twice a week for the first three weeks and then at weekly intervals for the first growing season.


Mulching is recommended. You should keep the ground at the base of the tree moist, but not wet or soggy.

Water trees regularly throughout the dry season. However, during the tropical ‘wet’ they will be fine without any additional water.

Australian Finger Lime Problems

Root rot can be a problem with this tree. So while mulching is recommended, you should pull back the mulch a few centimetres from the base of the tree.

Pests of finger lime trees include mealybug, aphids, caterpillars and fruit fly. However, regular application of white oil can help address these pests. White oil is an effective organic pesticide that you can make at home.

Australian Finger Lime uses

A finger lime is a type of citrus fruit closely related to the regular lime. It has a cylindrical shape and grows up to three inches long. Their flavour is markedly different than that of limes, with a delicate balance between sweet and tart. They also have bubbles of juice-filled edible “vials” inside which burst when popped!

Australian finger limes
Australian Finger Limes

Australian Finger Lime Benefits

The finger lime is packed full of vitamin C. This boosts the immune system, making the body less prone to attacking bacteria and viruses.

Finger limes also contain Vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects our cells from damage. They also contain needed fibre for gut health.

Thank you for reading and we wish you all the best growing Australian finger limes.

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