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Cairns Councillors 2024

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Cairns Council Election Results

One of the Cairns Councillors first elected in 2020, Amy Eden ran for Mayor with her “Team Eden” and was successfully elected Mayor of Cairns at the 2024 local government elections.

Amy Eden

Cairns Mayor Salary

The salary for the Cairns Mayor is $183,143 per year. This is the base salary (excluding any car allowance, etc).

Cairns Council Divisions

At the 2024 local government elections nine Divisional Councillors were also elected. We look at each of them.

Cairns Council Elections 2024

The following Councillors were elected at the 2024 local government elections.

Cairns Councillors: Division 1

Cairns Councillors: Brett Moller
Cairns Councillors: Brett Moller

Brett Moller is the Councillor for Division One. This area includes the towns of Babinda and Gordonvale and the developing suburb of Mount Peter. It also includes the communities of Mirriwinni, East Trinity and Fitzroy Island.

Brett was elected unopposed at the 2024 local government elections.

Cairns Councillors: Division 2

There are five candidates vying for this position. Division 2 includes the following suburbs:

Contender – Matthew Tickner (Independent)

Matthew Tickner
Matthew Tickner

Managing Director of Progression Design & Development Matthew is well-regarded civil design and urban development specialist with a history of experience on urban development and civil engineering projects in Australia and New Zealand.

Matthew shows initiative and comprehensively won Division 2 despite a number of good quality opponents.

Cairns Councillors: Division 3

Councillor – Cathy Zeiger (Independent)

Cairns Councillors: Cathy Zeiger
Cairns Councillors: Cathy Zeiger

Cathy Zieger is the Councillor for Division 3. This division includes:

Cr. Zeiger will be re-elected to Division 3.

Cairns Councillors: Central/West

Cairns Councillors: Division 4

Trevor Tim is the Councillor for Division 4. Division 4 includes the following suburbs:

Trevor Tim (Team Eden)

Trevor Tim
Mr. Trevor Tim

Trevor Tim, a host on an Indigenous National Talkback show, is a great addition to Team Eden.

Mr. Tim has been a Cairns resident for 45 years and says if elected he would focus on solutions to meet the diverse needs of Division 4.

Cairns Councillors: Division 5

Division 5 includes the suburbs of;

Rob Pyne
Rob Pyne

Rob Pyne says “My 10 years experience as a Councillor and 3 years as the local State MP will be of value on our next Council. With the Mayor and at least one of our most experienced Councillors not running again, I feel my experience will be useful.”

It has long frustrated me that so many houses in Division 5 do not have a proper footpath or channel and curbing. These houses have been paying Council rates for decades and in some cases over 100 years! They are entitled to better!

Cairns Councillors: Division 6

Division 6 includes the suburbs of:

Cairns Councillors Kristy Vallely (Cairns Unity)

Cairns Councillors: Kristy Vallely
Cairns Councillors: Kristy Vallely

Kristy Vallely is the Councillor for Division 6. Further, Cr Vallely is a loyal member of the Unity ticket.

Cairns Councillors: Division 7

Anna Middleton is the much loved Councillor for Division Seven. Division 7 includes:

Cairns Councillors – Anna Middleton

Anna has been actively involved with the local community through sports, the arts, schools, and community groups. As a local physiotherapist, she has cared and advocated for many residents in our community.

Northern Beaches Cairns Councillors and Contenders

Cairns Councillors: Division 8

Rhonda Coghlan (Cairns Unity)

Cairns Councillors: Rhonda Coghlan
Cairns Councillors: Rhonda Coghlan

The well known Rhonda Coghlan (Cairns Unity) is the Councillor for Division 8.

Cairns Councillors: Division 9

cairns councillors
Cairns Councillors

Brett Olds is the Councillor for Division 9 and is the Deputy Mayor. Division 9 includes the suburbs of Trinity Beach, Clifton Beach, Kewarra Beach, Palm Cove and Ellis Beach.

Cairns Council Divisions Map

The below Cairns Regional Council Divisional map shows the nine Council divisions. More detailed maps for each division can be found on the ECQ website.

cairns regional council division maps
Cairns Regional Council Division Maps

The above map will apply at the 2024 local government elections.

Cairns Regional Council Address

119-145 Spence street Cairns

Where is Cairns Council Office?

Cairns Councillors have offices in City Hall located on the corner of Draper and Spence Streets. They can also be contacted on 4044 3070.
Cairns Regional Council

Cairns City Council Complaints

You can use the above CRC website link to register any council related complaints or requests you may have.

You can also get the official rundown on all the sitting councillors, their ‘Register of interests’ etc. from the official website, online at this informative page.

The first Council I served on choose the logo that has become synonymous with the organisation.

Adopted in 2008, the design features the leaf structure of the Queensland Fan Palm, Licuala ramsayii, which is endemic to lowland rainforests of north east Queensland. The range of this palm covers the entire footprint of the words ‘Cairns Regional Council’.

Cairns Regional Council Logo
Cairns Regional Council Logo

Cairns Mayors

Cairns Regional Council has had the following Mayors:

  • Val Schier: April 2008 – 28 April 2012
  • Bob Manning: 28 April 2012 – 17 November 2023
  • Terry James: 22 November 2023 – March 2024
  • Amy Eden: April 2024 –

Cairns Regional Council website

The Cairns Regional Council website is

Cairns Regional Council phone number

The phone number for Cairns Regional Council is 1300 69 22 47,

Cairns Councillors of the past

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