Cairns History

Cairns history
Cairns history
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Cairns History

This page has some of the very best links to the finest accounts of Cairns history. It also has some pretty average links that we hope you will find entertaining.

Timothy Bottoms

CAIRNS City of the South Pacific A History 1770 – 1995

The most comprehensive historical account of Cairns is Cairns City of the South Pacific A History 1770 – 1995 by Timothy Bottoms.

This work covers the many and varied people who have lived and worked in the district, as well as the dramatic changes that have occurred. It is a fascinating coverage of this unique tropical paradise.

Cairns History Pictures

Cairns History - Policeman in Abbott Street
Cairns History – Policeman in Abbott Street in 1890

While this page links to many aspects of Cairns history, it is the old pictures of Cairns that people enjoy the most.

Relevant Content

Far North Queensland

Old Pictures of Cairns links to a number of pictures that have captured the city’s built history.

Cairns Flooding

Cairns flooding should surprise no-one. After all, it is a tropical city in Far North Queensland.

Old Pictures of Cairns

I was born and raised in the South Cairns townships of Gordonvale and Edmonton in Far North Queensland.

Struggle & Resistance

Rob Pyne’s Struggle and Resistance in the Far North, is a glimpse into Far North Queensland politics, history and culture. It is an account of the region’s hidden stories and prominent identities.

Qld Political Culture

Queensland political culture provided an interesting and sometimes uncomfortable backdrop to my life growing up. However, life continued to offer me the enjoyment and opportunities of a rural regional upbringing.

Cairns City Council

Cairns City Council was a municipality in Far North Queensland. It was established in 1885 and merged with the Mulgrave Shire Council in 1995.

Cairns Regional Council

Control of the Cairns City Council had alternated between administrations which supported ‘development at all costs’ and those which had more of a commitment to fairness and the environment.

Tom Pyne

Tom Pyne was born in the town of Babinda in 1935. He was the youngest of five children born to John Samuel and Katherine Hannah Pyne.

Rob Pyne

Rob Pyne was born in Gordonvale and raised in Edmonton, south of Cairns. He was born to Tom Pyne and his wife Marion.


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