King Tides and Climate Change

King Tides and Sea Level Rise in Cairns 2021

King Tides and Climate Change have become survival issues for the world’s coastal cities. I live in the tropical city of Cairns. A pacific rim city in the Far North of Australia. As a result, Cairns is a very low-lying city. Consequently, it is highly vulnerable to salt water inundation from sea-level rise.

Cairns Flooding

Flooding Cairns Esplanade

Cairns is a Tropical City Cairns is a tropical city, with a dry season and a wet season. Much of Cairns City is also low-lying, making it vulnerable to flooding. Storm surges at times of high rainfall, especially during tropical cyclones, can create an emergency situation where lives are at risk. Cairns Floods of 1977… Continue reading Cairns Flooding

Champion of the Underdog Socialist Podcast

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Eco-Socialist Readings Champion of the Underdog Podcasts include eco-socialist readings, discussions and ideas for a better world. Champion of the Underdog is a socialist podcast. Readings come from numerous progressive publications, such as Counterpunch, The Progressive, Jacobin, Red Flag and the Green Left. Socialist Podcasts and Solidarity This socialist podcast drawers on the Marxist tradition… Continue reading Champion of the Underdog Socialist Podcast