Tropical Fruit Trees

tropical fruit trees

Tropical Fruit Trees Tropical fruit trees are not always well known to European gardeners. However, if you live in the tropics you need to grow food that thrives. Some trees we have grown easily are: Black Spate Custard Apple Dragon Fruit Guava tree Jaboticaba Kumquat Paw Paw Rambutan Star Apple Tropical Vines Of course, not… Continue reading Tropical Fruit Trees

Snake Beans

Introducing Snake Beans Snake beans have long been grown in East and South-east Asia. They probably originated in South China. Snake beans enjoy warmer, humid climates and enjoy consistent rainfall. This makes them perfect for the tropics! There are a number of varieties of snake bean. Look for a variety that is more suitable to even… Continue reading Snake Beans



Introducing Tatsoi Tatsoi (Brassica rapa) originates from Japan, where it has been cultivated since 500 A.D. This leafy green belongs to the cabbage family of Brassicas. Growing Location and Soil Position your plants in full sun. Tatsoi thrives in well-drained, sandy soils rich in nitrogen. It does well outdoors in raised beds. Propagation Growing from… Continue reading Tatsoi