Introducing Rambutan  The rambutan tree (Nephelium lappacium) is closely related to the lychee and longan. Rambutan trees produce red furry balls that contain a lychee like fruit. They taste a little like grapes with a slight strawberry flavour. The rambutan originated from the Malaysian−Indonesian region. They were then widely cultivated in other southeast Asia countries,… Continue reading Rambutan

Paw paw is yummy and loves the Tropics

paw paw fruit

Introducing Paw Paw Paw paw has the botanical name Carica papaya. It is known as papaya in most of the world. However, in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa papaya only refers to the red fleshed version of the fruit. The yellow fleshed version is known as paw paw. The plant is technically not a… Continue reading Paw paw is yummy and loves the Tropics

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Vine

Introducing Passion Fruit The botanical name for the passion fruit is passiflora edulis. It is a vine species of passion flower, originating in South America (native to Venezuela through Paraguay and northern Argentina). Passion fruit is grown commercially in tropical and subtropical regions for its sweet, seedy fruit. Passion Fruit Varieties The most popular varieties… Continue reading Passion Fruit

Tropical Fruit Trees

tropical fruit trees

Tropical Fruit Trees Tropical fruit trees are not always well known to European gardeners. However, if you live in the tropics, you need to grow food that thrives in the tropics! Some trees we have grown easily are: Black Spate Custard Apple Dragon Fruit Guava tree Jaboticaba Kumquat Paw Paw Rambutan Star Apple Tropical Vines… Continue reading Tropical Fruit Trees