Central Cairns

Central Cairns - Shopping
Central Cairns - Shopping
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The Central Cairns Area

Central Cairns for our purposes includes the Cairns CBD and the nearby suburbs of Portsmith, Bungalow in Parramatta Park Cairns.

The population of the area is around 15,000 people. Homes in these inner-city suburbs range from old Queenslanders and masonry block houses to modern unit blocks.

Cairns Central Swamp

Cairns central swamp
Cairns central swamp

Cairns Central Swamp is an area with significant biodiversity value. In addition it plays an important role in reducing impact of flooding in the area.

Cairns central swamp map
Cairns central swamp map

A map shows the current size of the swamp. Cairns City Council introduced planning instruments stopping any further reduction of the swam area,


There is a vast array of shops in the central Cairns area, from the strips down Mulgrave Road and Sheridan Street to the shops in the CBD.

However, the biggest collection of retail stores in one location is the Cairns Central Shopping Centre. It is Cairns’ biggest shopping centre. Opened in late 1997 it is the second multi-story shopping centre in North Queensland.

Local Government

The entire area is located within Division 5 of Cairns Regional Council.

Central Cairns Parks

This area contains numerous beautiful parks and green spaces. These range from high profile parks in the CBD such as Fogarty Park, Munro Martin Park and the Esplanade, right through to standard suburban parks in neighbouring suburbs.

Cairns Waterfront

The Cairns Waterfront including the Esplanade and the Port are high profile and much loved parts of the city.

Climate Change

The area is low-lying land. It has always been subject to the threat of storm surge and title inundation. However, as a result of climate change, some levels of sea level rise are now unavoidable, as scientists now consider them to be ‘baked into’ future climate predictions. This means much of the area will face increased flooding over coming decades

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