Commode Chair Review

commode chair review pic
commode chair review pic
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Commode Chair

This commode chair review is to help people who find walking difficult or impossible. They usually come in two categories, a bedside commode chair or a shower commode chair. We find more dignity and convenience using a shower chair and our pick of them is the RAZ-At attendant tilt.

What is a commode chair?

A commode chair is a chair a person can use to go to the toilet. It is normally used by people who are unwell or disabled. It can either have a removable pail (bedside commode) or have wheels and go over the toilet (shower commode).commode chair picture

RAZ-AT Attendant Tilt

Of all the chairs we have tried over the last 30 years, the RAZ – AT is by far our favourite.

This is the first commode shower chair I have ever used that has the capacity to tilt.

If you have low blood pressure and get light-headed in the morning when you get up, this is a great feature.

For those of us who need to be over the toilet for a while, the padding on this chair is also a much welcomed feature.

The well padded seat on this model is also a plus. The last thing you need is a pressure mark, or worse still, a pressure sore. The padding of the seat protects you from this while you are over the toilet. This is an important consideration.

Commode Chair Review

People with a disability have specific needs. If you have access to an occupational therapist, you should use him or her. Have them look closely at your needs and prescribe a chair specifically aimed at catering for your needs.

Naturally enough my review finds a chair that best suits my needs. Everybody’s needs are different. However, if like me, you have very limited mobility and sit high in a chair, and need support while you bath, this chair fits the bill. At the end of the day there are two tests, function and comfort. This shower commode chair wins on both counts.

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