Disability Equipment Review

Disability Equipment Review
Disability Equipment Review
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Disability Equipment Review

Disability equipment is vital for disabled people, carers and support staff. Indeed, we review items that are made to help people with significant and permanent mobility impairment, to live more independently and with dignity.

Reviewer background

Rob Pyne: A Rewarding Life with Jenny and Katie
Rob Pyne: A Rewarding Life with Jenny and Katie

I broke my neck and became a quadriplegic in 1991. However, after leaving Princess Alexandra Hospital I had to work out what equipment I needed to live in the community. As a result, most of the information I came across was from other people with disabilities. Consequently, this page contains information and reviews that may help others making the transition today.

I am well positioned to provide an impartial review of disability equipment. Hence, you can also trust my reviews because I don’t take money from any company or corporation for my reviews. Indeed I am completely independent. 

Bath and Bed Disability Equipment Review

Some of the disability equipment most important for a person with a disability, especially one with paralysis, include a hoist and a shower chair. So below are reviews of my preferred equipment.

Commode Chair

Disability Hoist

I first came across this disability equipment after consulting with specialist Occupational Therapist (OT) with experience in spinal injuries. So if you have access to an OT, I would encourage you to use him or her to find out just what is available in your jurisdiction.


Some of us cannot transfer in and out of a wheelchair. So for us, a wheelchair car with ramp access is important.

Wheelchair Car Review

Other Disability Aids

Here we include items that are more of a medical nature, that help many people with disabilities to make it through the day in good condition. At least they have helped me over the years.

Leg bag

Compression Stockings

Assistive Technology

Thanks to modern technology, voice activated software is more available and affordable than ever before.

You should use what fits in with your existing technology. After all, Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant will all do the job for you.

Relevant Material

Disability Tips

By Rob Pyne

Quadriplegic, Former MP, Councillor & Political Campaigner: Rob is an Eco Socialist who shares ways to survive & fight capitalism. #socialism #championoftheunderdog Occupation: Online Editor Employer: Champion of the Underdog! Book: Struggle and Resistance in the Far North


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