Disability Hoist Review

Disability Hoist Review - Ceiling Hoist
Disability Hoist Review - Ceiling Hoist
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Disability Hoists Reviewed

This disability hoist review is an assessment of this valuable and much needed piece of disability equipment. When it comes to disability care for the mobility impaired, the disability hoist is a crucial piece of equipment for both the person with disability and their support workers.

Portable Hoists

Disability hoist review - portable hoist
Disability hoist review – portable hoist

For most of my time in a wheelchair I have used a portable hoist. In the early days, it was manual windup, moving over to electric hydraulic portable hoist when they became available.

After conducting our disability hoist review, the one we found to be the best for us was the sonata. Make sure you check how far apart the legs on the hoist go. Make sure there is space to get your chair in. You want to be able to ‘get right in’ so it is not too hard to get the sling around you.

Ceiling Hoists

Over the last few years we have moved to a ceiling hoist which was funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It has made life so much easier.

Home Heart and Health Care
Home Heart and Health Care worker Nadine hoists Rob to bed.

When you are ready to go to bed, you simply park beside the bed in your wheelchair and the hoist is just a slide away. A light push from where it is stored, and it is right where it needs to be to get you to bed.

Not only does a ceiling hoist make the process of getting to bed much easier, it’s frees up much-needed space around the house. The old hoist was always in the way (when I was trying to move items like my spare wheelchair). Now we have more space.

Occupational health & safety

A disability hoist is crucial for the occupational health and safety of disability support workers. If you are a staff member, the last thing you want is to injure your back.

Likewise, if you are a person with a disability, the last thing you want is to lose a crucial member of your support team, because they have sustained an injury.

Disability Hoist Review Win

We have trialled and used a large amount of hoists over the years. The sonata was the best portable hoist we experienced.

Without doubt the Human Care ceiling hoist has been the most comfortable and reliable of the ceiling hoists we trialled. It has met our needs and never let us down.

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