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Disability Tips
Disability Tips
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Disability Tips

Disability Tips from Rob Pyne
Disability Tips from Rob Pyne

Disability tips are to provide information to people with a disabilities and give other folks an insight into the needs of people with a disability. It is my hope the below information will help other people with a disability, family members and support workers.

  • Rob Pyne (Champion of the Underdog)

About Rob

Who is Rob Pyne to provide disability tips?

Rob Pyne worked as a Queensland Government clerk until breaking his neck in an accident in 1991, becoming a quadriplegic. He then spent nine months in rehabilitation at Princess Alexandra Hospital. After that, Rob decided to further his education. Subsequently, he completed a BA in History and Politics followed by a Law Degree.

Rob also spent a number of years volunteering for disability advocacy groups to advance the rights of people with a disability. These included Rights in Action, Independent Living Support Association and a number of peak representative groups.

After that, he worked at James Cook University (JCU) from 2000 to 2007 as a Regional Disability Liaison Officer. After that, he was elected to positions on Cairns Regional Council and a term in Parliament where he took an interest in disability policy.

Disability Tips and the NDIS

The NDIS has delivered choice to people disabilities. They should manage their own funds are more empowered than ever to make decisions. This makes it more important than ever that there are product reviews and the healthy flow information, so that we can make informed choices.

Aids and Equipment

Many of our disability tips include advice on a range of equipment that may be needed by someone with a spinal-cord injury. There is a never ending range of products and equipment, and it is quite a relief when you settle on what you need to meet your requirements.

We have reviewed everything from manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, hoists, commode chairs commode chairs, leg bags and even compression stockings. We hope some of the reviews are useful to you.

Specialist Advice

None of the tips provided here negates the importance of getting specialist advice. Indeed in this day and age ‘doing your own research’ can be taken too far. This is why it’s important you also have advice from occupational therapist, physiotherapist and allied health professionals before making final decisions when you buy disability aids and/or equipment.

Equipment and Aids

We require specialised equipment to do things most people take for granted. Consequently, we have reviewed some items for your information.

Support Worker Tasks

Support workers are essential to looking after the health and care needs of people with disabilities. These workers do everything from preparing meals to helping with toileting.

Wheelchair Car Ramp

Wheelchair car needs for many of us are based on the fact the person in the wheelchair will not be driving and the answer is often wheelchair car ramp access.

Compression Stockings

Stockings are one of my disability tips. They are often worn by people with a disability to improve circulation in their legs and reduce swelling.

Disability Tips – Commode Chair

This commode chair review is to help people who find walking difficult or impossible. They usually come in two categories, a bedside commode chair or a shower commode chair.

Leg Bag for Urine

I have been a quadriplegic for 32 years. So I have a few disability tips to pass on. I have been using the same model leg bag for urine for the last decade. I think it is the best!

Disability Tips on Disability Hoists

People with disabilities require specialised disability equipment to do things people without a disability take for granted. Consequently, we have reviewed disability hoists for your information.

People with Disabilities

People with disabilities have abilities too and that is what this cause is all about – making sure those abilities blossom and shine so that all the dreams you have can come true.

Home Heart and Health Care

Home Heart and Health Care is a service provider in Far North Queensland that I was fortunate to come across recently.

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