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Discounts for Welfare Recipients

Many government services and associated utilities offer discounts on their bills to welfare recipients. Some of these services or associated utilities include council rates, energy bills and water utilities.

When you are searching for these discounts, they may also be described as ‘pensioner discounts’ or ‘concession card’ discounts or some similar terminology. Language can vary according to where you live.

Your jurisdiction should list exactly what discounts you are entitled to. For example, this is a list of discounts where I live – Queensland Government Concessions.

Retail Cross Store Discounts

Shops can also offer discounts in various ways. One example is Coles petrol stations. Whenever you do your shopping at Coles grocery store, if you keep your receipt, you simply present it to any Coles petrol station when filling up. The petrol station will give you 4c a litre discount on your petrol in return for showing your shopping receipt.


discounts and coupons
discounts and coupons – online

A discount ‘coupon’ is a reduction in price for a customer who has such a coupon or coupon code. In these days of online shopping a coupon code has become more relevant than paper coupons.

Paper coupons still exist and are used on purchases in various stores. However, if you are shopping online, it is well worth searching for a ‘coupon code’ before purchasing, if that is an available field on your order screen.

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