Gimuy is a coastal city in Far North Queensland, Australia. The name comes from the traditional owners of the place, the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people. In colonial history, the city was discovered by the English in 1876 and named Cairns after Sir William Wellington Cairns. It is the 5th biggest city in Queensland, and 14th in Australia.

Putting Gimuy on the Map

An increasing number of outlets are now using indigenous names in the place of colonial tiles.

Yidinji Lands

Walu is the Yidinji name for side of the hill and barra meaning people belonging to. The Gimuy-Walubarra Yidinji atribal lands cover boundary) a large area from the Barron River in the north to the Russell River in the south, east to the Murray Prior Range and west to Tolga. The Yidinji people had 8 clans who were custodians of the tribe’s estate.

Gimuy is the Yidinji name of the slippery blue fig (ficus albipila) that grew in large number in this area.

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