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Lake Morris Cairns

Lake Morris is beautiful. It is just 25km to the west of Cairns, located within a lush rainforest setting, it has 39km of shoreline.

The lake formed into its current state as a result of the construction of Copperlode dam. This dam was built to service the water requirements of the Cairns region.

This lake is located over 400 metres above sea level. It lies on the headwaters of Freshwater Creek, which originates in Lamb Range area. Consequently, the area is popular with locals and tourists alike.

In 1935 Cairns engineer Frank Morris searched the mountains to the west of the Cairns to find a place to build a dam. There he discovered a location at Copperlode falls that he thought may be suitable.

Subsequently, the dam was completed in 1976. As a consequence of the work and vision of Frank Morris, the lake formed by the dam was named Lake Morris.

Where is Lake Morris?

This lake is just 25km from Cairns, but completely removed from the buzz of modern Cairns. Take Reservoir Road west towards Brinsmead and then turn left into Lake Morris Road. So then, after driving 16km you will find yourself at the lake.
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Lake Morris Map

Lake Morris things to do

Lake Morris Fishing

A local company Copperlode Fish and Kayak introduced a fish stocking program for the Lake. It has been stocked with bony bream, barramundi, sooty grunter, archerfish, sleepy cod, eel-tailed catfish and mangrove jack. So it is possible to fish in comfort from a fully electric boat, casting and trolling with an experienced barramundi guide.

Lake Morris Swimming

This lake is an important water source for the people of Cairns. NO SWIMMING is allowed!

Lake Morris Lookout

If you want a good view of Cairns, one of best city lookouts is just a short distance along this road.

The lookout is around 2.5 kilometres from the turn off from Reservoir Road. However, there are size limits as to which vehicles can access this road (no caravans or coaches are allowed). Also remember the road is closed to vehicles from 8pm to 8am.

Recreational cycling and training is still generally permitted on the road outside the above working hours – please take care and obey road and information signage. The view at the lookout is far-reaching, so be sure to take your camera or mobile.

This road is a 16km narrow winding road from Cairns to the dam. The road leaves Cairns at Reservoir Road before winding its way up the hill. On this road there are very few guardrails so watch out for cyclists, runners and wildlife (especially on sharp corners).

lake morris road lookout
Lake Morris Road Lookout

Nearby Facilities

Park facilities open to the public 7 days a week, with gates open from 8am to 6pm. You can access:

  • Picnic grounds and shelters
  • Gas and wood BBQ’s
  • Rainforest walks
  • Wet Tropics, World Heritage viewing deck & information
Lake Morris lookout
Lake Morris Lookout

Lake Morris Camping

Camping is not allowed at this location. Offenders will be fined.

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