Leg Bag for Urine

Leg bag for urine
Leg bag for urine
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The Best Leg Bag for Urine

A leg bag for urine is crucial for me as I have been a quadriplegic for 32 years. However I have been using the same model leg bag for urine the last decade. Indeed, I think it is the best!

I have not needed to change style or brand, because it meets my needs perfectly. My urinary aid of choice is the Urocare Reusable Latex Urinary bag!

The key factors for me are holding capacity, skin care and how straight-forward or easy the bag is to empty.

The Urocare Re-usable Latex Urinary Leg Bag

Leg bag for urine - attached
Leg bag for urine – attached

Holding capacity is important when choosing a leg bag for urine. You do not want to be caught short with a bag that is all-too-often full to bursting. However, we find the 1 Litre capacity of this bag suitable to meet my needs.

A high flow anti-reflux valve prevents back-flow while it allows for fast uninterrupted drainage into the bag.

The latex bag has not caused me any marks or skin irritation. When it comes to the velcro straps to hold the bag, use your own judgement and check your skin in the evenings.

Quick Drain Valve

quick drain valve for leg bag for urine
quick drain valve for leg bag

The Urocare Quick Drain Valve is a lever operated drain valve. In addition you receive 25.4cm of tube that you can cut to suit your needs.

I have seen some quadriplegics who have had a large plastic curtain ring through the pull hole in this valve. Indeed, with just minimal hand function they are able to pull the curtain ring and release the valve to empty.

Leg Bag for Urine Champion

I have found the Urocare Resusable Latex Urinary leg bag used in conjunction with the Urocare Quick Drain Valve has delivered the best lifestyle outcomes for me. So no, I don’t get a commission from the company and like everything I say, my advice is frank and fearless. Consequently, I genuinely hope this product works as well for you as it has for me.

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By Rob Pyne

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