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Munro Martin Park is Entertaining and Fun!

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Munro Martin Park

From live music to ballet Munro Martin Park has something for everyone! Get ready to be amazed as you uncover this gem in the heart of Cairns.

Located in the centre of Cairns, this is a one-stop destination for those seeking entertainment. There is something for everyone here – from live music performances to stunning natural views, this park will make your next visit to Cairns unforgettable!

Munro Martin Park
Munro Martin Park

This park is one of Cairns hidden gems. Located in the centre of town, this picturesque retreat features lush green lawns, stunning vistas and an array of entertaining activities. Visitors to the park can enjoy live music performances, or just take in the sights and sounds of nature while they relax in comfort.

Munro Martin Park Map

Munro Martin Park Map
Munro Martin Park Map

Munro Martin Park

Janet Munro and Margaret Martin were known as the ‘Caring Sisters’. A monument has been erected in memorial of the caring that these sisters provided.

Janet and Margaret were also great Cairns philanthropists. Indeed over a period of 30 years these two women contributed to the work of any religious foundations, educational services and medical institutions, along with the RSL and Eventide home. Most of their donations were made without any publicity and some were equivalent to $250,000 in today’s money.

In her will, their niece Margie contributed funds for the redevelopment of the park, to recognise her Aunts generosity.

Munro Martin Park Monument
Munro Martin Park Monument

What to do at Munro-Martin Park?

The park offers a variety of activities to enjoy during your visit. So take a stroll through the lush parklands and enjoy spectacular gardens or catch a live music performance on one of the stages set up throughout the park.

So for those looking to relax, there’s plenty of greenery and ample picnic spots where you can take in all the sights Cairns has to offer.

Munro Martin Park Events

Music lovers and art aficionados alike will be enthralled by the vibrant entertainment scene. Catch a range of live performances, such as jazz bands, folk music and cabaret shows taking place at the park.

Do not miss the chance to experience true cultural expression from local Cairns artists. You can stay up-to-date online with the park’s current events.

Park Stage

Cairns Performing Arts Centre

The Cairns Performing Arts Centre (CPAC) sits directly opposite Munro Martin Park on Florence Street. CPAC’s proscenium arch theatre spans a full size stage and includes an orchestra pit able to accommodate an entire symphony orchestra.

With 941 seats in the house, the theatre offers premium viewing regardless of whether you are seated in the stalls, balcony or balcony boxes. The auditorium is lined with locally sourced timbers to provide acoustic benefits while enriching the atmosphere.

Cairns performing arts centre
Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Munro Martin Parklands

The reborn Munro Martin Parklands become a local entertainment favourite. Indeed the green proscenium stage is the largest of its kind in Australia and creates a perfect place to experience the arts under a tropical sky.

Munro Martin Parklands Events

Consequently, with tropical plantings, vine covered pergolas and arbours and an open-air plaza passive, casual use of the parklands is encouraged.

Finally, why not check out what is happening there this weekend?

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