Norman Park Gordonvale

Norman Park Gordonvale

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Norman Park Gordonvale

Norman Park is the main park in Gordonvale. Indeed the old township centres on the park.

You too can enjoy Norman Park in Gordonvale in Queensland. It is a tranquil setting with heaps of shade. Enjoy the magic of this popular park with its relaxing environment in tropical Far North Queensland.

Norman Park Gordonvale Map

Gordonvale Park

Public Toilets

Public toilets at the park are provided for public convenience. Located on the Norman St side of the park, these toilets are marked male, female and disabilty access.

The Playground

There is also extensive playground equipment at the park for the enjoyment and entertainment of young park users. The ‘Cane Toad Playground’ has play equipment, soft fall and shade cloth to protect the little ones from the sun’s harmful rays.

Norman Park Gordonvale Tennis Courts

There are tennis courts at the park. Indeed these courts are the home of the Gordonvale Tennis Club.

Norman Park Gordonvale Sign

Norman Park Gordonvale Events

The park is home to a number of community events. This includes craft markets. Council funded events such as open air movie nights have also been held in the past.

Gordonvale Markets

The park is now home to the Gordonvale Cottage Markets which are held on the first Saturday of every month. Stallholders and visitors agree, these are a must see markets in the Cairns region.

With something for everyone in the family to enjoy, and a deal for everyone. Make sure you put the Gordonvale Cottage Markets on your itinerary.

Norman Park Gordonvale Photos

Originally the park was a horse paddock used first by the Native Mounted Police Officers. Later, during World War II the USA 503rd Parachuting Regiment used the area to construct parachute packing sheds, the floor of one of these forms the basis for the current tennis court.

War Memorial

A memorial monument was erected following World War One to commemorate those who died in service or were killed in action. The names of those who died in service or were killed in action in World War Two were later added to the memorial.

Gordonvale war memorial
Gordonvale War Memorial

Norman Park Gordonvale Water Tower

For many years, the park was home to a water tower, which was a unique part of the park. However, over the years the tower was render unsafe by the passage of time.

In 2008 a decision was made to demolish the water tower, but to  retain the base of the tower. This base now provides a link to the history of the town, with an informative explanation on display.

Water Tower at Norman Park Gordonvale
Water Tower at Norman Park Gordonvale

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