Recycle and Save Money

recycle and save money
recycle and save money
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Recycle and Save Money

Recycle and save money is our mantra. Most of us live in capitalist economies, where people are encouraged to consume, consume and then consume some more!

For those of us who need to save money and want to limit thoughtless consumption, one solution is to recycle and save.

Refuse Recycle or Buy Back Shops

Many rubbish dumps, refuse centres or tips as they are sometimes known, have recycling facilities. In concert with this many also have a resource recovery or buyback shop. These buyback shops can be a great opportunity to purchase something you need for a mere fraction of what it would otherwise cost.

Giving real meaning to the phrase one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, these dump shops are a great place to go for something you need or even just looking for bargains.

Container Vending Machines

recycle and save money on containers
recycle and save money on containers

More and more countries are now introducing recycling vending machines. Consequently, this means you can return your rubbish via a vending machine. You may receive 10 cents per container you place in the machine. So, you simply feed in as many old cans, bottles or other containers (as are accepted by the machine) and at the end you will get a docket and verification of your payment.

Other Recycle and Save Ideas


Repurposing is simply about giving an old item a new life with another purpose. Here are some examples.

Time needed: 4 minutes.

How to repurpose at home

  1. Old garbage bins

    Old garbage bins (with missing wheels or a broken lid) can be re-purposed a compost bin.

  2. Old jars or containers

    Re-use old jars as containers for household itemsrecycle and save - old jars

  3. Old teapot

    Use an old teapot or similar items as a flower pot. The result can look unique and attractive.

  4. Old toilet rolls label cords

    If your office has ever looked like mine, you will have had frustration at not knowing what all those cords are for. Hence I was delighted when I found out old toilet rolls could be used for labelling cords in such a clever way.recycle and save - toilet rolls

These are just some of the ideas we have come across to help you recycle and save. Therefore we encourage you to look for other tips and share your own ideas. Before anything is thrown out, think about how else it could possibly be used.

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