Rob Pyne – A Short Biography

Rob Pyne
Rob Pyne
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Rob Pyne

Early Years

Rob Pyne with Toyota Celica
Rob Pyne with Toyota Celica

Rob Pyne was born in Gordonvale and raised in Edmonton, south of Cairns. He was born to Tom Pyne and his wife Marion. Subsequently, he attended Hambledon State School and Gordonvale State High School. While growing up he loved playing rugby league, exploring and swimming in the local creeks and riding motor bikes.


Rob Pyne graduation
Rob Pyne graduation

Rob worked as a Queensland Government clerk until breaking his neck in an accident in 1991, becoming a quadriplegic. He then spent nine months in rehabilitation at Princess Alexandra Hospital. After that, Rob decided to further his education. Subsequently, he completed a BA in History and Politics followed by a Law Degree. After that, he worked at James Cook University (JCU) from 2000 to 2007. After that, he campaigned full-time for a position on Cairns Regional Council.

Rob Pyne (quadriplegic and wheelchair user)
Rob Pyne (quadriplegic and wheelchair user)

Rob Pyne was elected as a Councillor to Cairns Regional Council in 2008 and Re-Elected in 2012. Likewise, as a committed Socialist, Rob contested the 2015 state election against a conservative opponent. Consequently was elected to represent the electorate of Cairns in the State Parliament, where he served one term. However, Rob believed the major political parties had neglected Far North Queensland and were not doing enough on the issues of climate change and local government corruption. As a result, he resigned from the ALP in 2016 becoming an Independent. However without major party support, he lost his seat at the subsequent election.

Never a ‘quitter’ in the game of life, Rob embarked on a campaign to represent his hometown of Edmonton in his beloved South Cairns. Thus, the 2020 Queensland local government elections he won Division 2. Consequently, returning as a Councillor on Cairns Regional Council.

Rob Pyne – Family Life

Family Life
Family life

Rob’s academic achievements and his achievements in being elected to Council and Parliament have all been firsts for a person with quadriplegia. In this respect he has broken down many barriers for people with a disability. Rob remains happily married to Jenny and has one child, Kate. He has written Struggle and Resistance in the Far North recalling events from his own life and the region’s political past. He also spends his time working on his tropical garden in Cairns.

Rob continues to be politically active. However, these days his focus is online as Champion of the Underdog. This includes generating and maintaining content on his blogpodcast and social media outlets. He welcomes your support.

Rob Pyne Archives

Rob Pyne archive.

Tom Pyne Archives

Tom Pyne archive.

Struggle & Resistance in the Far North

Struggle and Resistance in the Far North, is a glimpse into Far North Queensland politics, history and culture.

Far North Queensland

Life began for me in the Far North Queensland town of Gordonvale on the 23rd of April 1967. Situated about 23 kilometres south of Cairns, Gordonvale was a small country town of about 2000 people.

PA Hospital Spinal Unit

The Princess Alexandra Hospital Spinal Unit was somewhere I had never heard of or thought about. I spent most of 1990 and 1991 settling down to my new domestic life.

Fighting Fossil Fuel

One of my obsessions as an MP was my opposition to the new Adani coal mine. From around 2000 onwards, climate change and the fossil fuel industry became central concerns to me.

Freedom of Speech Under Attack

We now see freedom of speech under attack across the globe. Silencing people is not a win, real victory is won on the strength of ideas.

Council Mayors Silencing Dissent

Council Mayors silencing dissent through their actions. The Mayors of Queensland, through their association, the LGAQ, worked to bankrupt critics and silence dissent.

Exit Stage Left

Exit stage left was the only way I could ever leave politics. I knew by 2022 I was facing my ‘political execution’ by Greg Hallam and the LGAQ.