Savings Tips

savings tips
savings tips
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Savings tips are more important than ever. Many people are trying to survive on an increasingly tight budget.

savings tips (inequality)
savings tips (inequality)

In a world where there is a bigger gap between rich and poor than ever, it is important to share tips. Hence our goal, is to provide savings tips for people on low incomes.

Recycle Savings Tips

There are many options people can consider. For example, local councils often have a city dump that has a recycling facility. Good items are made available for purchase by the public in a recycling or ‘Buy Back’ shop. It is easy to recycle and save.

Thrift Shop (Savings Tips)
Thrift Shop (Savings Tips)

One of our savings tips is to shop at opportunity shops, thrift shops or charity shops. These can also be a great place to find household items at a super cheap rate. In addition, they often carry everything from crockery to second hand suits. Make sure to check out your local Op shops.

Maximise Your Income

You must maximise your income by any amount, no matter how small. This includes accessing any welfare benefits you are entitled to in the nation in which you reside (in rare cases some nations pay benefits to citizen living outside their national boundaries).

Savings Tips – Food

One of our savings tips is to grow your own food. A food garden can be a precious resource when times are tough. Research what fruit and vegetables grow easily in your area. Then make the most of any opportunities to grow your own fruit and vegetables. We happily share our experience of growing food in the tropics.

You can shop smarter and save by joining a customer loyalty programs and using discounts and coupons and specials when you purchase the necessities of life. You can also vote for and support parties that are committed to democratic socialism in the knowledge such policies reduce inequality and help those most in need of a hand from government.

Save on Water

Tips on how to save on water.

Recycle and Save

Most of us live in capitalist economies, where people are encouraged to consume, consume and then consume some more! For those of us who need to save money and want to limit thoughtless consumption, read on ….

Medication Savings

Medication savings can be crucial to a budget. Medications can be vital to health and well-being, so they are not optional. However minimising your spending, may allow you to keep your head above water.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to save. Under these schemes you build up credits or points by shopping with a particular store.

Grow Your Own Food

Grow your own food at home. A food garden can be a precious resource when times are tough. Research what food grows easily in your area.

Spend Less on Food

Spend less on food and save. Food is an essential expense, however there are ways to shop smarter and limit how much you’re spending. You don’t have to starve to spend less on food.

Discounts & Coupons

A discount ‘coupon’ is a reduction in price for a customer who has such a coupon or coupon code. In these days of online purchasing a coupon code has become more relevant than paper coupons.

Composting at Home

Urban composting DYI tips to help you compost at home. It is more important than ever to be sustainable. Composting can also save you money.


Thrifting is a word to describe shopping at a thrift store or opportunity shop. However it includes buying items at a garage sale or flea market.

Personal Transport

Personal transport can put a large burden on your budget. You can reduce costs and make savings fast.

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