Sea-Level Rise

Sea-level rise
Sea-level rise
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World Sea-Level Rise

Sea-level rise is one of the catastrophic consequences of Climate Change, with frightening implications for coastal cities.

Sea-Level Rise prediction New York
Sea-Level Rise

As the world’s oceans heat up, the water temperature rises. This increases the water volume, because warm water expands and because the warmer waters are causing the melting of glaciers and polar ice.

Cause of Sea-Level Rise

The cause of the ‘anthropogenic climate change’ that is driving sea-level rise is human behaviour in burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

Inter-Tidal Zone

Increasing sea levels become most apparent to residents of coastal cities at times of king tides and extreme weather events.

In coastal cities, when the tide is very high, rainfall has nowhere to drain to. So heavy rain at the same time as a king tide will lead to widespread flooding. Such flooding is now becoming more frequent in countries around the globe.

Monitoring Sea Level Rise

Scientific organisations monitor rates at which our oceans are rising. These organisations include NASA, which provides this data to the public via their Global Climate Change website.

Retreat or Defend

Sea-level rise flooding in New York
Sea-level rise flooding in New York

As a result of decades of inaction by corrupt politicians, coastal cities now have to make plans to cope with sea-level rise. These rises are now ‘baked in’ or ‘locked in’ as a result of the failure to cut fossil fuel emissions. Indeed, many coastal cities are now drawing up retreat or defend policies to plan how to handle coming increases in the levels of our oceans.

Some countries, such as Indonesia are even moving entire cities to cope with the impacts of climate change. Indonesia is relocating its capital Jakarta.

Emissions and Protest

As a result of the failure of politicians and government leaders to significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, certain amounts of sea-level rise are now guaranteed. They are ‘baked into’ the system. However, stronger action on climate change now can mitigate exactly how far the sea level will rise into the future.

The failure of governments to adequately respond to climate change, has seen the emergence of activist groups around the world. However, Increasing numbers of people are determined to protest climate change inaction.

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