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Socialism calls for the public rather than private ownership of the ‘means of production’. This is based on the belief that everyone who contributes to the production of a good, is entitled to a share in it. Therefore, society as a whole should own, or at least control property for the benefit of all.

It has been said there are as many theories of socialism as there are socialists. As a result of the failings of soviet style ‘state socialism’, modern socialists often use the term ‘democratic socialism’ to promote advocacy of their cause.

However more of that basic explanation of socialism often helps to garner wider appeal. Consequently, Bernie Sanders has defined democratic socialism as “the understanding that all of our people live in security and dignity” and “a government and an economy and a society which works for all.” In addition, Ocasio-Cortez defines it as “democratic participation in our economic dignity.”

Socialism vs Capitalism

Socialists Campaigning in the United States
Socialists Campaigning in the United States

Socialism is crucial for the health, happiness and survival of the human species. Therefore the modern political struggle is the struggle between capital and labour. Consequently, this manifests in the ideological struggle between Capitalism and Socialism. Capitalism had existed for a number of centuries. However the Industrial revolution of the 18th century saw Capitalism grow at an unprecedented rate. However, the poverty experienced by workers highlighted the stark contrast in the position of the classes. Meanwhile, the ruling class enjoyed unprecedented wealth.

Karl Marx

Socialism Theorist Karl Marx (1818 - 1883)
Socialism Theorist Karl Marx

Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) called for all those who contribute to the production process, to share in the profit created. He said the ‘means of production’ must be owned by society as- a-whole.

Capitalism Wreaks Destruction

Capitalism is predicated on continuous growth. Consequently, all available resources are consumed in the name of profit. This ideology is unsustainable. However, capitalist forces continue to expand production. They do this despite the ecological cost. Unless capitalism is defeated, it will result in the continued destruction of the natural world. This endangers the survival of many species of life, including humanity. Climate change and its calamitous consequences highlight this in an unprecedented way.

Capitalism Destruction and Climate Change
Capitalism Destruction and Climate Change

Late Stage Capitalism

Environmental destruction, war and the collapsing vote of centrist ‘liberal’ parties are all evidence of late-stage capitalism. As capitalism comes to pass, our only hope is for a socialist future.

Rob Pyne wearing #Socialist t-shirt
Rob Pyne (Socialist)

Socialism is a political theory that offers workers and the poor hope. Hence, we share socialist stories and resources here. For example, we look at how public services help the poor by providing them with the necessities of life. We examine people’s entitlement to welfare.  We take the side of Karl Marx in the continuing battle against capitalism.

Building Socialism

Socialism is about working together to build a better world. Building a socialist alternative includes being involved in political movements and organisations. This can include everything from supporting campaigns for public housing to being involved in your local trade union. All done from a socialist perspective.

From our perspective, the socialist struggle should include being engaged in the electoral process. Of course, the dice will always be stacked against us, with big capital supporting Conservative mainstream parties. However, part of our community activism and movement building must include politics. Indeed many of us argue that electoral politics is crucial to educate our community and grow our movement.

Simple Definition of Socialism

This article provides a simple definition of Socialism.

Socialist Podcast

Champion of the Underdog Podcasts include eco-socialist readings, discussions and ideas for a better world.

Australian Socialism

Australian Socialism pre-dates Marx and Engels. While it experienced a long dormant period, reports of its death have been exaggerated.

Public Services Sector

The public services sector helps all members of society. Indeed, provision of public services is the right thing to do and an excellent investment by Government.

Welfare Rights

Welfare rights are the right “to be made aware of your maximum entitlement to state welfare benefits”. You also have the right to receive these benefits and be fairly treated by the welfare system.

Best Socialist Countries

The term ‘socialist’ has different meanings to different people. However, for the purposes of our top 5 we are using a pragmatic approach.

Socialist Parties

There are Socialist parties across the world. Hence, we have listed some of those that are credible and have not been co-opted by the ruling class.


Eco-socialism is the most recent and fastest growing of political ideologies. It combines theories of ecology sustainability and socialism.

Struggle & Resistance in the Far North

Struggle and Resistance in the Far North, is a glimpse into Far North Queensland politics, history and culture.

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