Socialist Parties Worldwide

socialist parties worldwide
socialist parties worldwide
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Socialist Parties

Socialist parties across the world are working to advance the cause of working people and marginalised groups. A political party is an organisation that represents a particular group of people or set of ideas. It aims to have members elected to Parliament so their ideas can affect the way a nation is governed.

We have listed some of those parties that are credible and have not been co-opted by the ruling class. However, we have limited our list to parties that are registered and part of the electoral process.



Australia has a proud history. Participation declined during the late 20th century. However, the 21st century has seen the re-emergence of a vibrant left-wing political scene.


European Socialist Parties

Europe also has a rich tradition of left activism. Indeed many European countries have extensive welfare protections and a high level of state participation in the economy.

Socialist Parties of Europe
Socialist Parties of Europe

New Zealand

United States

The success of these party organisations is crucial for the health, happiness and survival of the human species. Consequently, it is a political theory that offers workers and the poor hope. Hence, we share resources here.

It is these parties around the world that offer hope for working people and marginalised groups. However, if you have any questions or comments about our list, please leave a comment.

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By Rob Pyne

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