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Eco-Socialist Podcast Readings

Champion of the Underdog Podcasts include eco-socialist readings, discussions and ideas for a better world.

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Rob Pyne

Champion of the Underdog is a socialist podcast. Readings come from numerous progressive publications, such as Counterpunch, The Progressive, Jacobin, Red Flag and the Green Left.

Readings are narrated by Rob Pyne. Rob is a former MP and City Councillor who is committed to Socialism and combating Climate Change.

Socialist Podcast and Solidarity

The Champion of the Underdog podcast is now in its second year. It drawers on the Marxist tradition and offers a continuing critique capitalism and wealth inequality.

As the world is the midst of a climate crisis, there is a strong focus on environmental protection and sustainability, in the fight against corporate greed.

Socialist Podcast

Socialist ideology embraces solidarity and collectivism. Unfortunately, back biting, bickering and factional infighting has undermined the socialist project many times in the history. We express solidarity with other socialists and encourage you to support the below podcasts.

We collaborate with other socialist podcasts. If you are interested in this, do reach out to us. You can also follow our blog.

Please consider this sage advice from Pete Dolack, “There is no secret formula waiting to be discovered. The only way to prevent a fascist takeover is through the same methodology that is the route to a better world: A mass movement of movements linking together struggles, organizing with people who don’t look like us and uniting across borders. As long as capitalism exists, the threat of fascism exists.”

Socialist Parties

There are Socialist parties across the world. We have listed some of those that are credible and have not been co-opted by the ruling class. We also limit our list to parties that are registered and part of the electoral process.



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By Rob Pyne

Quadriplegic, Former MP, Councillor & Political Campaigner: Rob is an Eco Socialist who shares ways to survive & fight capitalism. #socialism #championoftheunderdog Occupation: Online Editor Employer: Champion of the Underdog! Book: Struggle and Resistance in the Far North

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