Spend Less on Food

spend less on food
spend less on food
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Spending Less on Food

Spend less on food and save money. Food is an essential expense, however there are ways to shop smarter and limit how much you’re spending.

You don’t have to starve to spend less on food. There are a number of ways to save.

Cheaper Meat and/or Less Meat

During times when I had a high income, eye fillet steak was a favourite of mine. However, now on a reduced income, premium mince is my upmarket choice. This sort of distinction may seem obvious, however those who want to keep eating meat, need to switch to more affordable fare.

Another option is to eat less meat, which will not only save you money but should have health benefits as well. Of course, there is the option of not eating meat at all, but if you want to go vegetarian that should be a matter of choice rather than budget necessity.

Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food sounds like an easy decision. However, there are a few things to think about. I would encourage you to read my article grow your own food before proceeding. It will save you time and money.

Cook Smart and Freeze Portions

Spend less on food pic
Spend less on food pic

Cook big and freeze portions to save. You can do this with lasagna, frittata, pie and no end of recipes. This saves by allowing you to buy ingredients in bulk. It also saves by creating extra portions which you may be able to take to work (rather than buying food at work). It also saves on electricity, by not having to prepare several seperate meals.

Buy Home Brand to Spend Less of Food

Buy home brand products where you can. This does not just apply to food. There are also many laundry., cleaning items, fly spray, cleaning cloths, etc., for which you can buy home brand.

As a result of going past the name brand and purchasing home brand items, you can make a saving.

Coffee Savings

You can make a savings on coffee, by making your own, rather than from the café.

One suggestion is to buy your own coffee machine. If you are stretched, you could probably find a second-hand one online that would pay for itself in short time.

Many workplaces have a staff room or other facilities that will enable you to make your own coffee. In this case you could invest in a coffee plunger and a bag of coffee, to keep your caffeine levels up during work time.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Spend less on food by joining a loyalty scheme. Customer loyalty programs are a great way to save. Under these schemes you build up credits or points by shopping with a particular store. You can use these points for rewards or even shopping.

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