Woman thrifting at shop
Woman thrifting at shop
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thrifting pic
thrifting pic

Thrifting is a word to describe shopping at a thrift store or opportunity shop. However it includes buying items at a garage sale or flea market.

The sort of items you will most often find at thrift stores include clothing, shoes, furniture, household goods and linens, jewellery, kitchen supplies and more.

Thrifting Tips

#1 Plan Your Trip

Have a clear purpose, a bit like when you prepare a shopping list. If you have pictures of the type of item you are looking for, put them on your phone, so you can show each store clerk.

Also consider having a list you can stick to. To achieve this, look for any consignment stores that buy and sell pre-loved items.

#2 Look Online for Price

Prior to your trip, search online for the items on your list. Use Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, EBay, etc. When you are finished, you will have a good indicator on price.

Once you are at the stores, you will know if the product you are purchasing is cheaper than all the online alternatives. If there is nothing similar available online for what you are paying, you will know you have probably made a good purchase.

#3 Make friends with store staff

Smile and engage with staff. For many of these staff a few dollars here of here means nothing. However, if you are on friendly terms, saving a few dollars a few times can really add up.

#4 Buy Quality when Thrifting

Shop for quality. You may come across designer brands or even vintage items. Natural materials will often be of higher quality than synthetic ones. For example, shoes made of 100 percent leather will often have vero cuoio written on the bottom. So get familiar with high-quality tell tale signs to discern which items will be worth the money.

#5 Do Not Impulse Buy

There may be many bargain buys, but the cost can add up if you buy a number if items. As a result, taking a cash-only approach, leaving cards at home and sticking to your list will all help you avoid overspending.

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