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Tropical Fruit Trees List

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Best Tropical Fruit Trees List

Our tropical fruit trees list includes plants that produce a wide variety of food. Indeed, these include paw paw, custard apple, guava, kumquat, rambutan & many more.

What are Tropical Fruit Trees?

Tropical Fruit Trees are fruit trees indigenous to tropical locations around the world.

Tropical Fruit Trees North Queensland

The trees listed below are not always well known to European gardeners. However, if you live in the tropics, you need to grow food that thrives in the tropics! Some trees we have grown easily are:

Tropical Fruits Australia

Of course, not all tropical fruits in Australia grow on trees. For example, by definition the above list does not include the many tropical vines that produce wonderful fruits such as passion fruit and watermelon.

Small Tropical Fruit Trees List

When we talk about tropical fruit trees we are usually talking about trees that originate in the tropics. However, there are many trees from elsewhere, that also grow well in the tropics.

One such example is what I consider the king of citrus trees, the Meyer lemon. The Meyer lemon is a very hardy citrus. Consequently, It can grow everywhere from snowy areas in the northern hemisphere to the heat of the tropics in Australia.

Citrus Champions in The Tropics

Some citrus trees more commonly known to other regions thrive in the tropics. However, some citrus have always been here. So here is our list of tropical citrus champions.

Another good ‘non citrus’ trees that can also handle the tropics is the Mulberry. However in the tropics it grows into more of a bush than a tree.

Two Seasons in the Tropics

All tropical trees tolerate heavy rainfall and heaps of water during the wet season. However, some need to be placed in areas that drain well, to avoid getting ‘wet feet’. Do your research before determining the best location for your specific tree.

People living in the tropics rarely talk about four seasons. More often they will talk about just two seasons, the wet season and the dry season.

In the tropics you can also grow a wide range of fruits and Tropical Vegetables.

Dwarf Tropical Fruit Trees

Population growth has led to smaller lot sizes for residential properties. People no longer have the large gardens of the past. As a result, many gardeners are now growing ‘dwarf varieties’ of many trees.

This is a positive development. Previously, tropical gardeners have needed ladders and other mechanical aids to harvest fruit from mature trees. Dwarf fruit trees not only allow more plants in a small area, they result in trees that fruit at a reasonable height. This also makes harvesting safe and easy.

tropical fruit trees list - banana
Banana Trees

Other Exotics

You will sometimes see tropical fruit trees referred to as ‘exotics’, though that is not our practice. Also, we have by no means provided an ‘exhaustive list’ of the fruit trees you can grow in the tropics. Indeed some other so-called ‘exotics’ you may like to consider include mangosteen, soursop, Malay apple and jackfruit.

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