Wheelchair Car Ramp Access

Wheelchair Car Ramp access
wheelchair car ramp access
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Wheelchair Car Ramp Access

Wheelchair car ramp access is a must to meet the needs of many of us who simply cannot drive.

The appropriate car, as with most other items for people with a disability, depends on the individual’s specific needs. I am a quadriplegic with a long body, so I sit quite high in a wheelchair. For years I was frustrated at having my head hit the roof of the vehicle. This happened regularly, especially as we travelled over speed bumps and potholes. However, the Kia Carnival, cut down with ramp access via the rear, addressed all these problems.

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Wheelchair Car Ramp Access
Wheelchair Car Ramp Access

Looking at what was available, we decided a Kia Carnival with wheelchair car ramp access was the vehicle for us. It avoided the need for a hydraulic lift and offered a really quick and easy rear access into the vehicle.

If this is the way you want to proceed, you will have to be patient. First, you have to finalise the purchase of the vehicle, then send it to the workshop to be modified. Then you wait for the work to be done on the vehicle and for it to be returned. This all takes time.

If you are unable to wait, for whatever reason, you are better off buying a second-hand vehicle that is already modified. However, this is easier said than done, especially in regional areas, where there are simply not that many modified vehicles for sale.

For me, it was all worth the wait. Since purchasing my modified Kia Carnival with wheelchair car ramp access not only have I been spared my head hitting the roof, I also find I enjoy much smoother ride.


I purchased the new Kia Carnival direct from the dealer and sent it to Sydney to be modified by Freedom Motors Australia who I had dealt with before.

There is one downside of the ramp access. Because the rear has to be cut down, you can scrape on some curbs. I travel in largely suburban areas where this is not an issue. However on more rugged country roads, the low back end of the vehicle could be a real problem.

Wheelchair Car Ramp Access

Having used a Toyota Hilux with a hydraulic lift for a number of years, we much prefer the Wheelchair car ramp access option. You don’t need to worry about safety as you are being raised up by a hydraulic lift. Also, you ride more like an every day passenger would. Sure, you are in your own cut down area, but if you sit tall in a wheelchair like me your head is at around the same height as everyone else. This makes it easy to talk with them and see the same scenery as them.

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