Woree Cairns with Video

woree state high school
woree state high school
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Woree in Cairns

Woree Cairns is a suburb in the South Cairns area. This suburb lies in the traditional lands of the Yidinji people, who call Cairns ‘Gimuy’.


Woree Cairns Motorcycle Club
Woree Cairns Motorcycle Club

This suburb is located in one of Cairns earlier settled (or stolen) areas. Initially, arriving Europeans converted the area to sugarcane cultivation. However, today this land has overwhelmingly been converted to residential use. In the 1930s, apart from being used to grow sugarcane, the suburb was also home to the Cairns Motor Cycle Club and Speedway.

Local Government

The suburb lies within Division 3 of the Cairns Regional Council local government area.

Educational Facilities

Woree in Cairns is well served by a quality public education system. It has both primary and secondary state schools separated by Rigg Street. Both the State School and the nearby State High School have dedicated teachers providing exceptional outcomes for students.

In addition Woree offers excellence in special education. Indeed Cairns State Special School in Windarra Street provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach ensuring educational, vocational, medical, paramedical and other support services maximise educational outcomes for all students.

The suburb is also the home of St Mary’s Catholic College on Anderson Road.

Woree Cairns – Sporting Facilities

The suburb has great sporting facilities. In addition to an Olympic length bicentennial pool, there are numerous sporting clubs. So these include Saints Hockey Club, Brothers Hockey Club and Leichhardt soccer.

Jeff Pezzutti Park

Jeff Pezzutti Park, located in Windara Street is home to a number of the sporting groups. Consequently, these include Saints Hockey Club and Leichhardt Soccer Club (juniors). There are also swings and a skate bowl in the park.

Calanna Park

Calanna Park is another important council park in the area. It is home to Brothers Hockey Club and the park is also used by a junior soccer club.

Woree Cairns Pool

Where is the Woree Pool?

The pool is known officially as the Woree Sports and Aquatic Centre. Indeed it is located at 1 Pool Close in Woree.Woree pool

Woree Cairns Public Transport

Bus Service

The suburb is well serviced by the state funded bus service. Indeed there are numerous bus stops in the suburb.

Cycle and Pedestrian Access

The suburb is very well services by ‘shared pathways’. Consequently, these pathways support cycle and pedestrian access. In addition these pathways get you to the Cairns Southern Access Cycleway. Indeed this cycleway provides safe off-road cycle access into Cairns city or south all the way to Gordonvale.

Woree Cairns FAQs

Who are the traditional owners of Woree?

The traditional owners of Woree are the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people.

What is the post code for Woree?

The post code is 4868.

Is there a post office in Woree?

No. There is no post office in the suburb.

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