Home Heart and Health Care

Home Heart and Health Care
Home Heart and Health Care worker Nadine puts Rob to bed.
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Home Heart and Health Care

Home Heart and Health Care is a disability service provider in Far North Queensland that I was fortunate to come across recently (as a person with a disability in need of care). The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has opened up opportunities for people with Disabilities and given us access to much needed funding.  

Ideology meets Practicality

The NDIS is a great example of ‘democratic socialism in action’ with a nationally funded program to support those in greatest need. A crucial way democratic socialist countries work towards equality of opportunity is by the state provision of public services. This include public health, public education and public housing.

A person with a disability assessed under the NDIS guidelines has access (in theory) to the scheme, regardless of race, income or geographical location. For me the NDIS is a great example of ideology meeting practicality. The NDIS assists with much needed disability equipment and with the provision of many day to day needs.

Who are Home Heart and Health Care?

Home Heart & Health Care provide high quality home care services to people of the Cairns area. They are an NDIS service provider of ‘in home care services’.

Nadine flies the flag for Home Heart and Health Care

Nothing can cause more anxiety than having a support worker report in sick. It is stressful not knowing how you are going to get yourself out of bed in the morning. Lucky for me I came in contact with Home Heart and Health Care (HHHC). The team at Home Heart and Health Care (HHHC) seem to be able to find support workers at the proverbial drop of a hat.

Recently I needed help to get put to bed, so I rang HHHC and asked for help. It was a joy when Nadine from HHHC showed up to help. I don’t know how they do it, but they are usually able to fill a shift at short notice.

Documentation (The Paperwork Blues)

Many individuals choose to employ support staff direct using the NDIS. However sometimes all the paperwork involved can make being a NDIS recipient feel like a job in itself!

The only downside of the NDIS is the amount of paperwork and bureaucratic requirements. That is to say, I self-manage ( with the help of a plan manager). As a result, I receive a lot of emails regarding accounts, therapists and the like. In addition, I have engaged a number of staff who I need to timetable and liaise with. 

Starting a relationship with Home Heart and Health Care involves meeting with a coordinator and sorting out paperwork around a number of issues. However, once this is done everything is easy peasy. They do the staff management and you just need to tell them what time you need support workers for.

Home Heart and Health Care means less paperwork.

Another great thing is you get to give a preference on which staff you prefer. Support is provided in your home. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone, just tell Home Heart and Health Care and they will find someone who is more compatible. The was awesome, because I couldn’t stand the thought of some conservative or right-wing nut job putting me to bed 🙂

I recommend Home Heart and Health Care. Nadine and other HHHC support staff have a client focus that puts your needs first.

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By Rob Pyne

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