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Cairns climate change heat

Cairns Climate Change Heat on Council

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Cairns Climate Change 2023

Cairns Climate Change induced ‘extreme heat’ has led Councillor Rob Pyne to again urge Council to acknowledge the Climate Emergency and warn residents of the dangers of ‘Extreme Heat’.

cairns climate change heat

Cr. Pyne said, “In August I moved a motion that Cairns Regional Council declare a Climate Emergency and investigate ways to alert and assist elderly and other vulnerable residents to the dangers of extreme heat in preparation for the upcoming summer months.’

Cr. Pyne moved that resolution following unprecedented fires and loss of life during the heatwave conditions in the northern hemisphere, where over 60,000 heat related fatalities took place. It also followed United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warning the world was now facing  ‘Global Boiling’.” So I was dumbfounded when my resolution was not supported by Council.

Rob Pyne
Rob Pyne

So it was not surprise to Councillor Pyne when an official BOM Heatwave Warning was issued recently.He said, “At the time I said this was an important part of readying the city for heatwaves during the coming summer.” Now we must deal with council’s failure to act!”

“When I asked questions about how the council planned to prepare for and respond to the coming summer, forecast to be a very hot El Nino year, the chair of the Local Disaster Management Group, Clr Terry James, was inaccurate in referring to the Cairns Evacuation and Recovery Register as a means of supporting elderly people in the heat.”

Cairns Councillors: Terry James
Cairns Councillors: Terry James

“The register is for evacuation purposes in events such as cyclones and flooding.  It does not cover heatwave events which are not classified as a disaster under Queensland legislation.”

In the lead up to summer, the absence of a dedicated local disaster coordinator and disaster engagement officer coupled with gaps in key preparatory processes mean the region is particularly vulnerable, says Councillor Rob Pyne.

Climate Change in Queensland

At the moment the world is heading for a rise in excess of 3°C this century. So heatwaves will get more severe, and more frequent, with rising temperatures. Climate change is urgent and is without doubt the biggest threat to human survival and prosperity.

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