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South Cairns Qld

South Cairns in Far North Queensland stretches from Gordonvale to Woree. This area is the fastest growing residential area in North Queensland, and one of the fastest growing in regional Australia. In short, this is a consequence of development and land sales in the Mount Peter area, located between Edmonton and Gordonvale.

Where is South Cairns?

These suburbs include:
White Rock
Wrights Creek
Mount Sheridan
Bentley Park
Mount Peter

What Council area is South Cairns in?

This area is in the Cairns Regional Council (CRC) local government area. It includes Divisions 1, 2 and 3 of CRC.

South Cairns Football Club

The South Cairns Australian Football (AFL) and Netball Sporting Club located at Fretwell Park in the southern suburbs. Fretwell Park is located on Robert Road in the southern suburb of Bentley Park.

South Cairns Cutters

The AFL team is known locally as the South Cairns Cutters. The Balaclava Swans moved to Fretwell Park in 1992 and changed their name to South Cairns Australian Football and Sporting Club.

The club changed their colours to red and green in 1995 and became the South Cairns Cutters. This was a nod to the areas past when cane cutters would harvest the years sugar cane by hand. Subsequently, in 2016 the new Souths Sports Club opened, providing a modern venue for members.

South Cairns Restaurants

There are a number of good restaurants on the Southside of Cairns.

Edmonton has the Sugarcane Kitchen, Sirens at Souths and the bistro at Fullers.

In Woree you can also find some tasty restaurants and takeaways at the Southide Shops in Charlotte Close.

South Cairns Sports Club

South Cairns Sports Club provides an entertaining venue for the whole family. Indeed it is great for a casual drink with friends, or to grab an easy dinner with the family. You can also visit the gaming lounge, or just relax while the kids play in the children’s entertainment area or watch your favourite sports on the big screens! 

The club bistro known as Sirens Restaurant is open 7 days a week, offering a range of gourmet sandwiches, melts and wraps, a popular pizza menu and other light meals throughout the day from the Cafe. Alternatively, you can choose mouth-watering steaks or fresh seafood from the main menu.

south cairns sports
South Cairns Sports Club

Public Transport

The area is well serviced by the local bus service. There are many bus stops throughout the suburbs. However, increasing traffic congestion has led to calls to fast track the Cairns Transit Network, which includes a bus only transit corridor.

Cycle and Pedestrian Access

The south side is well serviced by ‘shared pathways’ that provide cycle and pedestrian access. These pathways connect to the Cairns Southern Cycleway. This cycleway connects Cairns to Gordonvale and is ideal for those wanting to take longer trips on a safe off-road cycleway.

South Cairns History

The traditional owners of this area are Aboriginal people from the Yidinji clan groups. They were the caretakers of this area for thousands of years.

South Cairns Aboriginal Man
Aboriginal Man

In addition, the area has its own unique history as part of the former Mulgrave Shire. It is an important part of Cairns history. Following the European invasion, most of this area was put under sugar cane. Indeed sugar was the dominant industry in the area for over a century.

However, by the end of the 20th century much of the area had either been converted to housing or approved for future residential development. Consequently, this required investment in new civic facilities, including roads, pools and libraries.

South Cairns Edmonton Library
Edmonton Library Opening (1977)

South Cairns Edmonton

Edmonton has been a hub for South Cairns. The most heavily populated suburb in the area, it has more services and businesses than other suburbs.

Increasing inequality means more and more south-side residents are struggling to survive, especially during difficult economic times. Hambledon House is a valued support to the area, and has been since it first opened its doors and it is still the place to go for community information, community connection and support.

If Hambledon House does not have the service or intervention you are looking for, they do all they can to find and link you to the most appropriate service for you.

Hambledon House
Hambledon House

South Cairns Parks

There are many beautiful parks and gardens in the area. However, the most well-known Park, recognised by Council as a District Park, is Sugarworld Parklands. With many historic trees and the adventure water park it is a popular venue.

Other enjoyable recreational parks on the south-side are:

Bentley Park


Mount Sheridan


South Cairns Creeks and Rivers

There are also a number of creeks and waterways in this area. Indeed these are important for the environment and in establishing the identity of the area. They also provide an opportunity for recreational pursuits such as fishing and swimming.

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