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indoor ficus care

Indoor Ficus Care Guide

Indoor Ficus Care

Indoor ficus care is important to keep your plants healthy and looking good. They will love you for it. However, there are many ficus to choose from.

Our 8 favourite ficus are; ficus audrey, ficus bambimo, ficus benjamina, ficus burgundy, ficus melany, ficus ruby, ficus shivereana and ficus umbellata. So take a look at our review of these amazing plants:

Indoor Ficus Care Tip #1 Location

Placement is important. A location that has ‘bright indirect light’ is best. However, keep you ficus out of direct sunlight as this may scorch their leaves.

#2 Pot Selection

Pot selection should always allow for water to easily drain out. Indeed this is important for your plant to remain healthy. Hence we select pots that have a removable drainage plug or use plastic pots that already have drainage.

Also consider whether you will be moving your pot or leaving it in place (for watering, etc). If you intend moving it regularly, you may want to consider a lighter pot that will be easier to move.

#3 Watering

Watering is crucial to indoor ficus care. You can either top-water or bottom-water your plants. Top watering speaks for itself. Consequently, you simply apply water from the top via a shower or watering-can.

Bottom-watering is where you water potted plants from the bottom up. You need a container large enough to hold the plant’s pot and cover it half-way up. You fill it with water and then place your pots into the water-filled container.

If you leave it in water for 10 to 15 minutes, that should be enough time for it to soak up as much water as possible. As a result, this is a great way to water as you can be sure the water is reaching the soil at the bottom of the plant’s roots. Indeed bottom watering is suitable for all your indoor pot plants.

#4 Pruning

The best time for pruning ficus is during late spring or early summer. Subsequently the plant should grow back from the next nodes down. On the ficus, the node is easy to see, right above each leaf.

Of course you should cut out dead and spindly branches from around the trunk. However, remember that removing an entire branch may could leave an empty space on one side of the plant.

#5 Fertilise for good indoor ficus care

Fertilise once per month in spring and summer with diluted fertiliser.

How much should I fertilise my indoor plants?

As with water, many indoor plant owners overdo it. Too much fertiliser and too much water can see a plant loved to death! The correct approach is to apply small amounts of fertiliser as the plant grows.

How often should I repot an indoor ficus?

You should repot your ficus every 2-3 years in a pot 2” (2.5cm) larger then the current pot.

#5 Cleaning

You should dust about once a month to keep dust and pests away. However, use a very soft cloth or sponge to avoid damaging the plant and provide the very best indoor ficus care.

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