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Rob is currently fighting for a Progressive Cairns that is diverse, inclusive, has affordable housing and values the environment and the arts. This is his passion beyond his current day job as the Councillor for Division 5, which includes the suburbs of:

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Support Rob Pyne

Rob Pyne is an Australian politician who has been involved in various political activities and campaigns, particularly in Queensland. Here are some ways you can support him:

  1. Vote: If you are a resident of Rob Pyne’s electorate, you can support him by voting for him in elections. Your vote can help him secure a seat in government and advocate for policies and initiatives that align with his values and priorities.
  2. Volunteer: Offer your time and skills to volunteer for Rob Pyne’s political campaigns and activities. Volunteers play a crucial role in organizing events, door-knocking, phone banking, and engaging with voters to build support for a candidate or cause.
  3. Spread the Word: Use your social media platforms, networks, and communities to raise awareness about Rob Pyne’s work, achievements, and policy positions. Share his campaign materials, speeches, and updates to help amplify his message and reach potential supporters.
  4. Get Involved: Attend events, meetings, and forums hosted by Rob Pyne or his political party to learn more about his platform, engage with him directly, and contribute your ideas and feedback on key issues.
  5. Advocate: Advocate for issues and causes that Rob Pyne supports, such as environmental conservation, social justice, and transparency in government. Write letters to the editor, contact elected officials, and participate in public campaigns to raise awareness and demand action on important issues.

Supporting Rob Pyne and his political endeavors can help advance his goals and priorities, contribute to positive change in the community, and strengthen democratic engagement and representation.

Champion of the Underdog